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Dixie Dogs — Kevin Fehr

When is a hot dog more than just a hot dog? When it's a Dixie Dog. After a career as a teacher, coach, and a professional referee for the...

Sweet Home Spirits – Austin Creel & Carl Baldone

Equal parts speakeasy and distillery, Sweet Home Spirits in Leeds, Alabama, is on the rise as one of the state's latest signature liquor producers. Situated in the heart of...

Emily’s Heirloom Pound Cakes — April McClung

What began as a LOCAL fundraiser to send her children on study-abroad opportunities has certainly become something much greater than April McClung ever envisioned for herself and her family....

The Rockstar Chef — Chef Justin Robinson

Sometimes, just one phone call can change the direction of your life. That certainly was the case for Justin Robinson, who was recently named one of Auburn University’s “20...

Clever Up Your Cookout

Throughout these warm summer months, we are often challenged to find new ideas for cookout components. For this issue, I tried to come up with a few unexpected offerings...

Tasting TBL/Frenchie – Jennifer Lyne

When it comes to being in the kitchen, there are usually two types of producers—those who wing it and those who prefer precise measurements and exacting methods. You know...

Colorful Mexican Menu

Colorful Mexican Menu from Leslie Byars Register

Breadboard with Butter Smear

For the table 1 stick unsalted butter, softenedFlaky saltFreshly ground black pepperZest of a lemonEdible flowersFresh herbs of your choiceChili flakesCapersDrizzle of honey1 loaf warmed crusty French bread Smear the softened...

Spring to it!

The versatility of this menu makes it perfect for brunch, lunch, or dinner. Serve it straight off the stove, or plate it on a formal table in your dining room.

Valentine’s Dinner Party – Q&A with Kathleen Varner

Prep for your Valentine's and Galentine's day dinner parties with theses tips from stylist Kathleen Varner.

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