Deck the Halls

ABOVE Simple, fresh greenery draped across the mantel is the perfect complement to neutral holiday decor. Featured in “Sophisticated Elegance, ” Nov/Dec 2013. Photo by Beth Hontzas


ABOVE LEFT A simple garland of cedar and pine frames the front door. A store-bought wreath gains notice with the addition of artichokes, pinecones, chartreuse greenery, and a plaid bow. Featured in “The Difference is in the Details, ” Nov/Dec 2014.

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ABOVE RIGHT This mailbox arrangement makes a stunning first impression for guests. A collection of extra trimmings looks especially polished and inviting when paired with a festive striped ribbon. Featured in “Sophisticated Elegance, ” Nov/Dec 2013. Photo by Beth Hontzas


ABOVE LEFT This home’s main staircase is draped in a fresh cedar-and-fir-mix garland, filling the central corridor with the wonderful scent of Christmas. The greenery is the canvas for a faux-sugared fruit garland and yards of double-faced satin ribbon in muted gold and soft green. Instead of cutting the garland short, the greenery extends to the floor in a sweeping gesture. Featured in “Making Merry, ” Nov/Dec 2015.  

ABOVE RIGHT Chosen for the scent and drape, the garland is a doubled strand of traditional mixed Christmas greens particularly heavy in cedar. A red bow made from wired ribbon crowns the top and cascades down the garland to create a frame around a beloved collection of Nutcrackers. Featured in “Making Merry, ” Nov/Dec 2015.

ABOVE Simple wreaths make a big statement above the kitchen sink. Added flair comes in the ribbon. Featured in “The Difference is in the Details, ” Nov/Dec 2014.


ABOVE LEFT Snip greenery and flowers from your own yard or buy from a grocery store to create an inexpensive, DIY centerpiece for the dining table. Featured in “The Difference is in the Details, ” Nov/Dec 2014.

ABOVE RIGHT Beautiful wreaths are an easy do-it-yourself project. Simply purchase a pre-formed wreath and insert a few stems from the yard such as magnolia, nandina, and holly to create a just-purchased-from-the-nursery look. Featured in “Home for the Holidays, ” Nov/Dec 2013.


ABOVE LEFT In a study off the living room, bay wreaths adorn bookcases while silver samovar with seeded eucalyptus and eucalyptus pods create a trophy holiday arrangement. Featured in “Inviting Design, ” Nov/Dec 2014.

ABOVE RIGHT This outdoor garland is made of mixed evergreens blended with magnolia leaves, pieces that will hold up throughout the season. Featured in “Special Invitation, ” Nov/Dec 2011.

Photography by Jean Allsopp

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Jean Allsopp Photography

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