A Little Flourish

Mia Abrams and Morgan Gillespie started with an art show at the 2010 Moss Rock Festival in Hoover with the idea of presenting recycled vintage fabrics into a line of home goods such as bedding and accent pillows. After positive sales and great feedback, they decided to develop their idea into a true company with their collage of textiles.

Fabrics come from estate sales and donations or from a client for custom projects. Individuals often ask the duo to repurpose their mother’s or grandmother’s linens into items they can use. This branch of the business? Heirloom Creations. Sentimental fabrics such as old quilts and tablecloths become pillows or tableskirts. Another venture? Mia and Morgan plan to teach sewing classes so customers can take part in designing their own pieces.

Flourish • 1665 28th Ave. S • Homewood, AL 35209[email protected]

Find their products in:
Atmosphere 224 29th Street South • Birmingham • AL 35233
Weddings, Etc. 2843 18th Street South • Homewood, AL 35209

“If either of us sees something at a garage sale or thrift store, we just pick it up and find a usefor it later.” — Morgan Gillespie


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