BHG's Top 15 Photos of 2016

ABOVE Two busy parents enlisted a team of local experts to create a French-inspired kitchen in the heart of Mountain Brook. Published in “French Connection, ” July/August 2016.

ABOVE A new Southside home combines modern amenities with the classic architecture that cues the neighborhood’s historic charm. Published in “Serene Retreat, ” January/February 2016.

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ABOVE A Homewood Tudor’s makeover exudes a light attitude throughout with its neutral palette, dashes of color, and mix of family antiques. Published in “Hollywood Classic, ” May/June 2016.

ABOVE By taking design cues from existing structures and the land itself, Peter Falkner creatively integrates a saltwater pool, outdoor room, and fireplace into a backyard garden footprint. The outdoor room provides welcome shade in warmer months. Its cupola, tin roof, and lattice detailing mirror other nearby structures. Published in “Terraced Delights, ” May/June 2016.

ABOVE After a pesky water leak required extensive repairs, a Liberty Park owner got the casual, rustic kitchen of her dreams. Published in “Rustic Elegance, ” July/August 2016. 

ABOVE The dark walls of this guest bathroom offer a unique contrast to the light décor throughout the house. Published in “Elegant Restraint, ” Sept/Oct 2016.

ABOVE Courtney and Bryson Stephens collaborated with designer Shea Bryars to give her traditional kitchen a fresh makeover. Published in “Sleek & Stylish, ” July/August 2016.

ABOVE When interior decorator Dana Wolter faced a dated style and palette in Suzie and Jim Link’s Tuscaloosa home, she gave heavy the “heave ho” with paler shades and brushes of color while still incorporating some of her clients’ choice antiques throughout. Published in “A Brush with Color, ” January/February 2016.

ABOVE Club Place, a gated neighborhood in Mountain Brook, is surrounded by weathered brick walls. While the walls created wonderful parameters for the garden, they needed to be softened. Landscape designer Kelly Hulsey implemented several methods including vertical plantings and climbing vines to make them a seamless part of the garden. Published in “Beyond the Gate, ” Sept/Oct 2016. 

ABOVE Designer Pam Evans' finesse at merging antiques with more modern pieces extends to the master bath with its Venetian mirror and chrome-legged stool. White marble mosaic floor tiles from Walker Zanger add pattern and interest to the otherwise serene space. Published in “Elegant Restraint, ” Sept/Oct 2016.

ABOVE This kitchen design allows for small appliances to be tucked away in generous cabinets while open shelves show off a pretty collection of white china that pops against the rough stone wall. Published in “Relaxed Refinement, ” July/August 2016. 

ABOVE A playhouse and cottage garden atop Red Mountain revels in fairytale notions. Published in “Garden of Small Delights, ” March/April 2016. 

ABOVE Taking a cue from Coco Chanel, Pam Evans turned her home into the epitome of edited style with its white background, shots of black, and one-of-a-kind accents throughout. Published in “Elegant Restraint, ” Sept/Oct 2016.

ABOVE Homeowners Caroline and Kyle Sain exposed the concrete floor joists on the second story to define the ceiling, refaced and repainted cabinets, and worked with Triton Stone to update the floor tile and countertops in their kitchen. Published in “Built to Last, ” May/June 2016.

ABOVE With the help of builder Clark Parker of Embassy Homes, Burgin and Chris Vernon designed an elegant master retreat that seamlessly blends with the original house yet offers an escape from the hectic pace of daily life. Published in “Great Escape, ” January/February 2016. 

Photography by Jean Allsopp

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