Collecting Legacies

On a mild spring evening in May, a stream of cars could be seen making their way to Dr. Billy and Elizabeth Cornay’s home for the Palettes of Spring art show—an affair that directly benefits Spring Valley School for children with special needs. Warm light spilled onto the lawn welcoming the guests to enjoy fellowship, libations, and art. Before long, artists and patrons were mingling together, learning about each artisan’s craft and selecting the perfect pieces for their homes. Throughout the evening, guests could be seen proudly showing off their new finds to friends, their voices brimming with enthusiasm as they mused about where to place the new art at home.

And through the clink of wine glasses, the “oohs” and “aahs” of the perfect piece found, and the boisterous trill of laughter, there ran a common thread of hopeful optimism. This evening was full of joy—the joy of lending a helping hand to Spring Valley School and the joy of investing in the great artists of our generation. 

“These artists represent the best of Alabama, ” said Dr. Clair Barabash, Executive Director of Spring Valley School. “To have such talented individuals agree to participate in our inaugural art show is a testament to the importance of Spring Valley.”

And so the patrons mingled and talked and laughed with each other, confident in the knowledge that their evening was spent in building up the community and investing in the legacy of art—a gift for themselves now and a treasure to pass on to the next generation.

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Sally Powell,,  Eddie Powell,,  David Nichols,,  
Shea Scully • Tena Payne,


ABOVE LEFT Melanie Morris,; Vicki Denaburg,

ABOVE RIGHT Tres Taylor,


ABOVE LEFT Thomas Andrew,



ABOVE Paul Flack,



ABOVE RIGHT Linda Ellen Price,

text by Cassandra Ramos Lenard • photography by Major Adam Colbert

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