Curb Enthusiasm

Rob Martin of Get More Curb Appeal thinks that you should be as proud of the outside of your house as you are of the inside. A residential designer by trade and former Architecture Editor for Southern Living, Rob, along with Ada Love, Jason Somerville, and Julie Thorton, create stunning, affordable plans to help you update your home and yard. “The great thing, ” says Rob, “is that everything we do is cosmetic. It’s not structural.” This means that you can recreate the look of your home at a fraction of the cost. After filling out a questionnaire and sending in digital photographs of your home and yard, the company will create customized plans for your home. You will also be provided with a detailed list of all the products and materials you will need to implement the plan. “Any contractor will be able to take this and put it into action, ” says Rob. But many of these improvements are so easy and affordable that you can do them yourself.

Initially this home had little to no landscaping.

Five Easy Ways to Improve Your Home

1. Update your front door. Your front door is the focal point of the exterior so you want it to be unique. If you’re feeling bold, try using color.

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2. Repaint. A new coat of paint can refresh even the most dreary house. And, don’t be afraid to paint brick!

3. Add new exterior fixtures. Try to find unique light fixtures for your front entry that encompass the style of your home.

4. Add window boxes or shutters. These can add a pop of color as well as create a warm cottage feel.

5. Examine new columns. This is particularly important if you have wrought iron that can often become lost in the exterior design.

Produced by Cassandra Ramos Lenard

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