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What should someone expect when walking into the store for the first time?
First-time customers tend to have a ‘wow’ moment when seeing our wide array of collections. After offering a friendly greeting and asking a few questions regarding style, finish, and budget, we help customers narrow down the options. We take their ideas and show them how to make them a reality. We also encourage customers to touch and feel products they will be using daily. 

On your site, you mention one-on-one service. How personalized is each client’s experience?
Each client’s experience is different. We always meet one-on-one with our clients, as well as with any architect or designer that may be involved, to ensure that we’re getting all the details about the project. We’ll even do site visits and go over plans and blueprints to guarantee that every last element is perfect.

What other services do you provide?
Aside from selling our in-house selections, we can make special orders that aren’t displayed in the showroom. We also install and repair hardware and locks, make keys, and restore vintage hardware.


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Brandino Brass offers a vast array of products: cabinet and door hardware, exterior and interior lighting, bathroom accessories, barn door hardware, mailboxes and posts, fireballs, and more.

Besides brass fixtures, what other finishes and styles do you offer?
We carry more than 30 lines of hardware, fixtures, and accessories. You’ll find modern, traditional, industrial, and antique-inspired in just about any finish you could want. In addition to brass, we have silvers in chrome, platinum, pewter, aged silver, and polished nickel, along with bronzes and coppers. We even carry crystal, Lucite, and acrylic knobs.

Tell me more about the “Brandino Patina.”
The “Brandino Patina” is our trademark finish. We use a chemical process that essentially speeds up the aging process of brass by darkening the finish and warming up the undertones for a beautiful time-worn look. We can apply it to most any brass item in the store, as well as to pieces that customers bring in.

Do you offer design assistance?
Yes we do. We have trained interior designers in-house that are available for any design help needed. Whether you are embarking on a DIY mission or working with an architect or designer, we will happily offer our assistance.

What are some of the biggest trends for 2017?
We are seeing a lot of unlacquered brass, which has a “living finish” that will change (or patina) over time, wearing and aging with the house itself. Another trending style across the board is satin (matte) brass, which will not age or wear and promises consistent, unchanged beauty for its lifetime.

Brandino Brass • 2824 Central Ave., Suite 100 • Homewood, AL 35209 • 205.978.8900

Interview by Molly C. Lipski // Photography by art meripol

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