Garden Designer Troy Rhone…

Mix of Materials 
In addition to plant texture, Troy introduced a variety of surfaces to this backyard garden. Bluestone pavers, brickwork, and a lush lawn invite transition between garden and patio.

Classic Lines
The garden is divided into a grassy lawn and four symmetrical parterre gardens. The low hedges create a framework for filling in with annuals or perennials.

Privacy Hedge
A lush green hedge is sure to win over any neighbor. While a hedge takes a little longer to grow in than a wooden privacy fence, the wait will result in a natural scene and offer an evergreen framework when other deciduous trees and shrubs begin to fade.

Architectural Details
Brick pillars support garden ornament and urns overflowing with perky ferns. A monogram, below, carved into limestone breaks up the expanse of the home’s brick wall.

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Plenty of Seating
A garden this lovely is meant to be enjoyed up close, as well as from the comfort of a outdoor seating area. The natural décor of a garden is the perfect setting for any good evening.

Water Feature
Is there anything more soothing than the soft splash of a fountain? This simple, low-maintenance wall fountain, below, provides just enough of the magical sound.


Colorful Annuals
With such a strong framework of hedges, evergreen walls, and pots, annuals (above) are easy to change on a whim. This garden offers the option of changing out color year-round.

Lush Lawn
There’s just enough of the green carpet for kids to play or for grownups to enjoy a barefoot picnic.

Vertical Horizons
A cypress hedge, climbing fig ivy, and shade trees—along with strong vertical lines on the home’s siding—make for interest on all levels.

Focal Points
The garden is arranged for focal points at every turn: the patio, a faux bois garden bench, fountain wall, and limestone monogram.

Troy Rhone Garden Design
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Photography by Edward Badham

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Edward Badham

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