His & Hers

Interior Designer Libby Greene gets in touch with her feminine (and masculine) side while designing his-and-her baths for longtime clients.

Hers: A study in all things white, her bath includes upscale, spa-like amenities. The spacious soaking tub and a built-in makeup vanity with upholstered seating encourage relaxation and retreat. Photos by Jean Allsopp

Designer Libby Greene and her Mountain Brook Clients had a history together, having worked on many projects over the years, but they had yet to address the master bath. The original space with its cramped quarters was not working for the couple. She wanted a larger closet, better lighting, and a place to sit down to apply makeup. He wanted a separate shower and more space to call his own. The answer was obvious—a bathroom addition tailormade for each. “Her room is a woman’s dream bath, ” says Libby. “We created a light and airy vestibule flanked by her bath and closet. Two full-length windows bring in natural light, and a window seat offers a spot to relax.” In contract, his space exhibits more subdued, masculine hues and even includes a study and wet bar.


1. Unlacquered Brass – Hardware and fixtures are made of brass that is left unlacquered and will gradually darken over time, creating a natural-looking patina that perfectly balances out the all-white room.

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2. Plenty of Sunlight – Emphasizing the airy space, sunlight pours in through the picture window above the tub, as well as through windows over the makeup vanity.

3. Oxidized Mirrors – Several of the doors, including storage cabinets beside the sink, have been oxidized to add character and keep the space from feeling too new.

4. Built-ins with Furniture Details – Details on the built-in cabinets, in addition to hand-carved legs on the makeup vanity, give the look of custom-made furniture.

5. Marble on White – What could be more feminine that marble countertops on white cabinetry? Tile on the floor and in the shower repeats the tone-on-tone theme.

Designer: Libby Greene Interiors, 205.807.2192. [email protected]; Contractor: Francis A. Bryant & Sons, 205.802.7700. fabryant.com; Architect: Pete Pritchard 205.803.3011. petepritchard.com; Tile: Kenny and Company 205.323.5616. kennycompany.com; Plumbing fixtures: V&W Supply,  205.324.9521. vwsupply.com; Marble vanity tops and tub surround: Fragments, fragmentstone.com; Cabinets: Michael Morrow of MDM Design Studio,  205.266.3905. mdmdesignstudio.com; Tile: Kenny and Company; Large window over tub: Francis A. Bryant & Sons; Lighting: Libby Greene Interiors

His: Neutral tones mix with bronze accents for high-end, masculine appeal. 


1. Bronze Hardware and Fixtures – Bronze accents complement the neutral color palette in his bath and add to the masculine style of the room.

2. Fluted Cabinets – “We focused on a more modern look in this room, ” explains designer Libby Greene. “Fluting the cabinets helped achieve that look by creating cleaner lines.”

3. Additional Space – The inclusion of a study and a wet bar transformed the space into more of a haven rather than just a bathroom.

4. A Hallway for Separation – The hallway creates a distinct division between his bath and her bath, allowing for completely different design styles in each room.

5. A Man-Size Shower – Since the client had no desire for a tub in his bathroom, the shower took the starring role and became even bigger and better with two shower heads and a bench.

Designer: Libby Greene Interiors,  205.807.2192. [email protected]; Contractor: Francis A. Bryant & Sons 205.802.7700. fabryant.com; Architect: Pete Pritchard 205.803.3011. petepritchard.comTile: Kenny and Company 205.323.5616. kennycompany.com; Plumbing fixtures: V&W Supply,  205.324.9521. vwsupply.com; Limestone countertop: Fragments, fragmentstone.com; Limestone flooring: Kenny and Company; Cabinets: Michael Morrow of MDM Design Studio, 205.266.3905. mdmdesignstudio.com; Tile: Kenny and Company; Large window over tub: Francis A. Bryant & Sons; Lighting: Libby Greene Interiors

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