Life Adds Color

Catherine Pittman Smith, a portrait and fine art photographer, has captured home, life, and landscapes for more than 20 years. What appears ordinary to the naked eye, Catherine captures on film revealing a more personal and far deeper meaning without distraction. She is influenced by her spirituality, southern roots, social conscience, and appreciation for literature and history. Having been given a brownie camera at age 9, Catherine’s interest in photography was later sealed on a family trip to Charleston, South Carolina in 1979 when she “borrowed” her father’s camera and never gave it back.

Her newest venture is Artfull Creations: personalized, custom coffee table books documenting homes and gardens. “I still shoot portrait work, but this encompasses all the things I love, and I have the privilege of learning about all the things that are meaningful to my client, ” says Catherine. “It’s a new venture every time. This is their book, their story. It can be anything they want it to be. We can write text, include old photos, and tailor each book to suit each client.” Catherine says the process can take up to one month or a year depending on what the client wants. “Right now, I’m working with one client to shoot all four seasons, ” she says.

photography by Major Adam Colbert

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Major Adam Colbert Photography

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