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Cotton & Quill may be best known for the bright ebullient patterns and colors in its fabrics and wall coverings, but owner and creative talent Mary Catherine Folmar also offers a line of wreath and topiary forms. Here, she shares her step-by-step creation for a topiary centerpiece with persimmons. For more tutorials, visit

topiary centerpiece
Photography by Jean Allsopp

Supply List:
Cotton & Quill Topiary Form
Charger, plate, or container to use as a base
Persimmons (Fuyu or Hachiya; approximately 27)
Clear spray sealant
Boxwood or cedar for filler
Fresh flowers
Water picks

Step 1:
Clean the persimmons, and spray with sealant.

Step 2:
Let the clear coat dry, rotate the fruit, and repeat.

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Step 3:
Add fruit to the nails on the topiary form. Tip: Start from the top and work down, rotating the topiary as you go to keep fruit balanced.

Step 4:
Fill in gaps with boxwood or cedar.

Step 5:
Fill water picks and insert flowers into the picks. Insert the picks at an angle into the greenery.

Step 6:
Enjoy your new centerpiece.

Pro Tips:

Keep it fresh: Replace fruit and blooms as needed. Topiaries tend to last longer when used in a cool, dry place. If a piece of fruit softens or begins to mildew, replace it immediately to keep it from spreading.
Use plenty of greenery: Snip from your own backyard. Boxwood, cedar, shrubbery, and magnolia all make a beautiful impact.
Add an extra flourish. Weave in a cranberry garland for added color.
Work with a lazy Susan. A rotating lazy Susan makes filling the topiary form easier.

In addition to her fabric and clothing line, Mary Catherine has topiary and wreath forms available through Topiary forms are $108, and wreath forms are $160. She also offers custom, finished creations.

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