Meet Fran Keenan

With a degree in fashion design from the University of Alabama, Fran jetted for New York and career in fashion design with Polo and Tommy Hilfiger. Later she worked for the ultra-creative design duo, Diamond Baratta Design. “It opened my eyes to a new level of creativity, ” says the designer. “I’ve never looked at a room the same way since.

“Working in fashion first taught me the language of fabrics and color.” —Fran Keenan

“We did not subscribe to any rule book on this project.” {Click here to see the project in completion.} That new focus brought her to Birmingham, where she became decorating editor of Cottage Living magazine. “That’s where I fell in love with the idea of functional, beautiful living, ” says Fran. With the birth of her second child, she decided to go the work-from-home route and started her own design business.

“I help a client flesh out how they really want to live. Our homes and surroundings truly shape us, ” says Fran.

Fran’s daily joy is in her Homewood home, with husband, Matt, an attorney, and daughters Ella, 7, Harper, 4, and baby son Wilkes.

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