Meet Marcia Unger

Originally a studio art major, Marcia Unger unexpectedly fell in love with interior design at an early age. She found her passion decorating for friends, and for more than 20 years she has been designing spaces in Birmingham and the surrounding area.“I was always helping friends decorate, so I decided to make a career change and do something completely different, ” Marcia says.

Over the years, Marcia Unger Interiors has evolved and grown into a thriving design company.

Marcia says she doesn’t feel that she has one signature style, but instead appreciates mixing design concepts and using pieces that don’t traditionally go together. “I think it’s really important to mix styles and textures and introduce unexpected elements into a room that add another layer to the story, ” Marcia says. “Whether it’s fabrics or art, I try to make things cohesive but interesting.”

“I look back at some of the things I did early on, and it’s a progression of styles and the ever-changing world around us that has dictated change. Today, I like very sleek but warm interiors.” – Marcia Unger

Designing for a variety of clients, Marcia has learned the art of helping homeowners realize their personal style. “Listening is very important, and it’s also important for a client to trust you, ” Marcia says. “Then, you can help them go down the path, but also help them make a change.”

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In any space, Marcia says no matter how big or small the project, the space should be something that “lives” well, and quality of materials is essential. {Click here for “Cottage Contemporary” — a project of Unger's recently featured in Birmingham Home & Garden.}

“Functionality and comfort are my two main goals, ” Marcia says. She welcomes every project, no matter the size. “There’s no magic formula, it just depends on organization, listening, and a good team, ” Marcia says. “All of those things go into making a job successful.”

For years, Marcia ran Les Trois Marches, an antiques and design shop in English Village. Today, she continues to thrive in her design business but prefers to work out of her home.

Marcia Unger Interiors: 205.870.1380 • 2445 Fairway Drive,   Mountain Brook, AL 35213

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