Making Good – MERRY by Julie Terrell

Homewood-based designer Julie Terrell has always had a thing for the holidays. “When you think about it, your holiday décor is usually up for about six weeks of the year,” she says. “Why not incorporate your personal style into those details too?”

When her children were younger, Julie created a refined version of the traditional Advent Calendar, one her family still pulls out each December. Her design clients started asking for them as well, which got her thinking about how each particular client might celebrate the holidays. “I decided to create custom stockings for them as housewarming gifts based on their individual styles,” she says. And MERRY by Julie Terrell was born.

Julie’s line of handcrafted Christmas stockings in luxe fabrics can be made unique with the addition of personalized elements, including the porcelain charms she creates. “I encourage buyers to add family pieces like cufflinks or brooches,” she says. When asked if there is a sentiment that underpins her work, Julie adds, “My life goal is to be MERRY! Prioritize the things you value most and let the rest go.”

“What does it mean to be a maker here in Birmingham? I’d say that as a Southern city, there is a great appreciation for creativity, quality, and craftsmanship—all of the small things that make a home beautiful. I enjoy being a part of the tradition of creating timeless pieces that can be passed down for generations.”

— Julie Terrell

What & Where To Buy

Julie’s entire MERRY line can be found on her website (, where buyers can choose their stocking fabrics and add an array of adornments. Her tabletop Advent calendars, a sophisticated take on this Christmas tradition, are also available. And her ceramic snowflake ornaments make great additions to any gift. Julie promises there will be holiday pop-ups too, which she’ll share via social media: @julieterrelldesign

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