Q&A with Chad Calhoun of Classic Homes

Meet President of Classic Homes Chad Calhoun. Classic Homes is a member of the Russell Lands, Inc., family of businesses that specializes in building lake homes in Russell Lands On Lake Martin neighborhoods, as well as the 2019 Inspiration Home.

Do you have a favorite finish or design detail that you like to incorporate in your work that we can expect to see here?
We really like to incorporate the use of natural stone and  heavy timbers in our designs whenever we can, as the they really work together to enhance the overall look and feel of the home. Those materials really help bring the outside in, and give the home a feeling that it belongs there. We also really emphasize the outdoor spaces in our homes, as that is where most folks will spend their time. The screened porch on this particular home is my personal favorite, with its vaulted ceilings, heavy cedar beams, fireplace, and connection to the lakeside terrace.

How do you create a lake home today that will continue to be relevant in the years to come?
One thing we really try to do in our homes is try and capture the purpose of a “true” lake home. Lake homes are places for families to come together, enjoy each other, and make lasting memories. To that end, we emphasize the spaces where people traditionally gather – living spaces, porches, and other outdoor areas. We try and include features that help make these spaces more accommodating, but in the end, it’s the interaction between friends and family that really make them come alive – and that is timeless. We try and use classic, neutral colors as much as possible but also introduce some unique features that really bring the design to the next level, yet are not as “trendy” as you might see in a more urban setting. We spend a little more time on the fine details, keeping the longevity of the home in mind – again, we like to think that these homes can be passed down through the generations, and we build them with that in mind.

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Favorite travel destination and why?
I had the opportunity to spend 10 days in Alaska a number of years ago, and still talk about the experiences I had during that trip. Being able to experience the outdoors in that environment, with its beautiful mountains, abundant streams, and vast landscape is something I will never forget.

Favorite restaurant?
I would have to say that the SpringHouse restaurant at Lake Martin is hard to beat.  The food is great and the atmosphere/building is truly one of a kind. I’m a fan of big wood beams and rock walls, and that place has them all!

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