Showroom Style: Hufham Farris Construction


Bob Farris (left) and Coleman Hufham

The Concept: Hufham Farris Construction (HFC) produces commercial, agrarian, and residential structures that combine superior materials with skill and craftsmanship. While HFC lays the groundwork and creates the canvas, Pike Road Millwork comes on board as the specialization factor, adding custom pieces.

The Products: Pike Road Millwork creates custom cabinetry, countertops, doors, flooring, furniture, beams, architectural millwork, and other specialty items using both new and reclaimed materials. Pike Road’s products are also available to those not working with Hufham Farris.

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The Reclaiming Process: Pike Road works with scouts across the country to locate antique barns, textile mills, warehouses, and other buildings with reclaimable features. Homeowners and designers can also get in on the action if they have a specific structure and materials in mind. The team then dismantles the structures and works with designers to incorporate the pieces into their new home. Flooring, doors, beams, archways, and other antique elements are carefully remastered to serve as both conversation starters and timeless treasures.

The Possibilities: Reclaimed pieces are the bread and butter of Pike Road’s style and are often used to bring history as well as panache to any space. Sharing the story of a homeowner who wanted to build an authentic French farmhouse, Bob says, “Everything in the house was ‘real’—slate and zinc roof, stone veneer, plaster, and a lot of reclaimed wood.” The house, while new in design, was antique in spirit. From reclaimed flooring in a commercial space in the city to rough-hewn beams that take cabin ceilings to new heights, Pike Road offers a world of possibilities.

Fine Fabrics: When Bob’s wife, Marybeth, met a shop owner in London, she never dreamed the conversation would lead to being chosen as one of the only American retailers of highly sought-after British fabric and wallpaper line Cabbages & Roses. The traditional English line features bold yet delicate florals, regal stripes, and everything in between.


Bob Farris – LEED AP • Coleman Hufham​ // Birmingham: 205.781.4079 // Montgomery: 334.647.1827

Interview by Molly C. Lipski // Photography by art meripol

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