Spring Forward

“There’s something special about having plants in a home. Plus, they have the potential to last longer than cut flowers, ” says designer Mark Thompson. The design team at Leaf & Petal approaches container design much like a florist with cut flowers. “Proportion and scale are always considerations, ” he adds. “We often have clients bring in their own special container or plant that we rework into a new beautiful arrangement every month.”


ABOVE LEFT 1. One 16″ Paperwhite 2. Three 4″ African Violets (or Primrose) 3. Freesia 4. One 4″ Maidenhair fern 5. One 4″ Ruffle fern Mood Moss 6. Sheet moss (for lining basket) 7. Container: Lattice work willow basket ($15)

ABOVE RIGHT 1. Three 4″ Lady Slippers 2. Four Air Plants 3. One 4″ Painted Euchevaria 4. Four 4″ Echevanria Species 5. Mood Moss (enhanced with Green Trick) 6. Handmade pottery bowl by local artist Jenny Smith ($75)

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ABOVE LEFT 1. One quart-size Star of Bethlehem 2. One 4″ Blue Hydrangea 3. One 4″ Variegated Creeping Fig 4. One 4″ Oakleaf Ivy 5. One 4″ Florida Ruffle 6. Green Trick 7. Cream Cachepot ($49)

ABOVE RIGHT 1. One 4″ Azalea 2. One 4″ Maidenhair Fern 3. One 4″ Silverlace Fern 4. One 6″ Variegated Ivy 5. Mood Moss 6. Iron French Basket ($65)

1. One 6″ Lenton Rose 2. One 4″ Kalanchoe 3. One 6″ Rex Begonia 4. One 4″ Double Bloom Kalanchoe
5. Mood Moss 6. One quart size Tropical Jasmine
7. One 4″ Ranunculus 8. Wrapped Grass Basket ($19)



1. Keep ferns all the time. If you’re having company, dress them up with fresh flowers in water picks.

2. Blooming plants rarely bloom a second time. If they do, it’s a gift to watch.

3. When the weather warms, you can transplant your container garden outside.

4. A newly planted container is so beautiful. The longer you have it, the more it changes and grows. It’s fun to watch it evolve.

5. If one plant fails, it’s easy to replace. (At Leaf & Petal, containers are lined, and each plant is in a separate bag or container.)

6. Invest in a signature container that fits your
space and keep it filled with seasonal plants all year long.

LEAF & PETAL • leafnpetal.com

Leaf & Petal at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens • 2612 Lane Park Rd.,  205.877.3030
Leaf & Petal at Mountain Brook Village • 2817 Cahaba Rd., 205.871.3832
Leaf & Petal at The Summit • 370 Summit Blvd. 205.967.3232

Photography by Jean Allsopp

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