Steps to Build Your Inspiration Home

1. Site Preparation
This phase includes site clearing, site build up (as needed) and clean-up of area in which the footprint of the home will exists. Also during this phase, a surveyor will “peg out” the home’s footprint. The site will then be leveled out or retaining walls will be built.

2. Pouring the Slab
Prior to pouring the concrete slab, a plumber come in and lay any plumbing that needs to be located beneath the slab. Next forms are built (with supports) and gravel is added to level out the space and assist with drainage. Rebar is also added for additional support. Once these steps are completed, the concrete slab can be poured. 

3. Framing and Building Roof Trusses
This where the builder erects the home’s wall and roof “frames.” These are usually prepared before being delivered to the home site, therefore, creating the home’s “internal skeleton” can be completed within a day or two. During this phase, interior fireplaces are set and measurement are made for cabinetry as well as walk through reviews by HVAC and electrical. Once frames are built, the homeowner has his/her first opportunity to get the “feel” for their new house.    

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4. Roofing Phase 1
Roofing is started at this point with the addition of roof underlayment or felt. This protects the framing and allows for some weather proofing. Many builders stop at this point, but some may also complete the process (see Roofing Phase 2). 

5. Mechanical Rough-ins
This process involves installing the electrical, plumbing, HVAC and any other additional wiring to piping procedures that need to occur before the internal linings are added to the frames.  This is also when you windows will most likely be installed (if they haven’t been installed already).


6. Exterior Work
This step is where your builder adds the brick, siding, and/or wood exterior coverings as indicated in the architectural plans. 

7. Roofing Phase 2
Roof is completed by adding flashing and the final roofing material (shingles, tile, metal, terra cotta, etc.)

8. Internal Linings
Insulation is added to the framing and wall and ceiling materials (sheetrock, plaster, wood) are ordered. Once rough inspections are completed and sign off, installation of wall and ceiling begins.  

9. Landscaping Phase 1
Landscape plans are developed and added to build-out. Final grading and site prep completed for landscaping.

10. Waterproofing
Wet areas will be water-proofed in preparation for the floor installation.

11. Interior Wood Flooring and Trim Work
At the stage, carpenters install the trim work within the house. Also, wood flooring will be installed at this point.

12. Landscaping Phase 2 
Drives and walkways are poured. 

13. Interior Build Out Phase 1
This is where you start adding the real “personality” to your home. Trim work is completed, cabinet and built ins are set, interior painted, tile floors are installed.

14. Landscaping Phase 2
At this stage, the final grading is completed for landscaping and irrigation and lighting is installed.

15. Mechanical Final
This process involves completing the electrical, plumbing, HVAC and any other additional wiring to piping procedures and getting final inspection approvals. Your plumbing and lighting fixtures are installed during this.

16. Interior Build Final
This is when all interior installations are completed. Carpeting, countertops, shelving and bathroom accessories will be installed. Hardwoods are completed. Appliances are installed.

17. Landscaping Final
Plants and landscape accessories are installed.

18. Walk Through
Prior to the walk through, the home is cleaned and prepped for move in. During the walk through, the homeowner has the opportunity to inspect everything and create their check list for any items that need attention. 

19. Handover
Finally, the keys are handed over when the homeowner is satisfied this their newly completed home and the final construction invoice is paid! Welcome home!

Text by Marcy Miller

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