ABOVE Crisp white finishes let the outdoors shine at this stunning Alys Beach home by architect Gary Justiss and designer Barbara Ashford. Featured in “Summer Whites, ” March/April 2016.

ABOVE White furnishings aren't limited to interiors. Washable slipcovers are perfect for furniture in outdoor spaces. Featured in “Beach Refinements, ” March/April 2016. 

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ABOVE LEFT Wraparound windows let natural light flood into this dining nook with crisp white walls and upholstered seating. Featured in “Keep it Casual, ” July/August 2014.

ABOVE RIGHT Bold art and colorful accessories add visual interest to this chic white kitchen by Shea Bryars Design. Featured in “Sleek & Stylish, ” July/August 2016. 

ABOVE Pops of orange give a funky, eclectic vibe to this modern white kitchen by Virginia Volman Designs. Featured in “Finder's Keepers, ” May/June 2015. 

ABOVE A geometric patterned ceiling adds texture and drama to this neutral living room by Liz Woods. Featured in “The Beauty of Simplicity, ” November/December 2013. 


ABOVE LEFT Colorful art and decor steal the spotlight in this sleek white kitchen with a built-in desk and storage area. Featured in “Clean & Modern, ” July/August 2014. 

ABOVE RIGHT Soft and serene surroundings in shades of white keep this master bedroom elegantly understated with the focus on outside views. Featured in “Natural Instincts, ” January/February 2014. 

ABOVE Taking a cue from Coco Chanel, designer Pam Evans turned her home into the epitome of edited style with its white background, shots of black, and one-of-a-kind accents throughout. Featured in “Elegant Restraint, ” September/October 2016. 

ABOVE Casual white bedding and upholstery offer a casual contrast to the formal antique furniture in this airy master bedroom by Jan Ware Designs. Featured in “Keep it Casual, ” July/August 2014. 

Photography by Jean Allsopp

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Jean Allsopp Photography

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