2022 Changes the Game for Custom Home Builders

Many industries have been disrupted over the past few years by the pandemic, and the home-building industry is no different.

Demand for builder services accelerated when it became clear that the existing home market would not keep up with buyer demand. A lack of inventory has caused many shoppers to consider building a new home or renovating their existing one. All this demand, sluggish supply chains, and a tight labor market have created challenges for builders nationwide.

Here’s what local Birmingham-based custom home builder and renovator Jason Hale, owner of Willow Homes, had to say about the type of problems builders are experiencing and why.

Q: What are the biggest challenges facing builders?

JASON HALE: Project costs, labor shortages, and building material delays are the most pressing issues. The cost of materials increased drastically during the pandemic. Every product or material that goes into the construction of a home today has increased at least 20% over the same time last year. The construction labor shortage has also added to the problem.

TAKEAWAY: Anyone looking to build or renovate should factor in a longer timeline.

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Q: What are builders doing about these challenges?

JASON HALE: To address the material shortages, we are ordering items earlier in the process to get ahead of the delays. That can be a challenge for our clients because it requires earlier commitment on those product choices. Solving the problem of labor shortages is more complicated. Long term, the industry must offer strong compensation packages for employees and do our best to create an inviting work experience for our employees, vendors, and trades.

TAKEAWAY: Customers who can stay flexible during the home building or renovation process will experience less frustration and stress.

Final Thoughts

Despite the current challenges, building and renovating are both great ways to end up with the perfect home. In 2022, you’ll need a little more patience with the process, but the results will be worth it. Happy building!

“Building a new home or renovating an older home are great ways to get exactly what you want in the location you prefer. Shopping for a fixer-upper or for a lot you can build on helps you gain an advantage in a tough market.”

Jason Hale, owner of Willow Homes

Jason Hale of Willow Homes

Jason Hale

Jason Hale, owner of Willow Homes, comes from a family of home builders that stretches back three generations. After graduating from Auburn with a business degree, he received his Juris Doctorate from Cumberland School of Law. He practiced law as a litigation attorney for six years prior to starting a residential construction consulting business. He then pursued his dream of owning a home- building company. Jason started Willow Homes with his first home renovation in Homewood, Alabama. Following the core beliefs of quality construction and passing on great value to its clients, the company has grown rapidly over the past 12 years.

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