A Garden for All Seasons

"Listen to the Land," a hardcover coffee table book featuring one of Birmingham’s most outstanding private gardens, is an engaging, informative, and poignant memoir of Louise Agee Wrinkle and the 30 years she spent tending her family’s home in Mountain Brook, Alabama.


In old Mountain Brook, homes are often passed from one generation to the next. Such is the story of Louise Agee Wrinkle who remembers her childhood at 2 Beechwood Road, when there was little more than Shades Creek, The Mountain Brook Club, and The Old Mill on Mountain Brook Parkway. As a young girl, she called the property The Jungle because it was so overgrown. Today, her property features a well-cultivated natural woodland oasis centered by the home her family built years ago.

“It’s a love story with a tenderness that’s understated, unexpected, but entirely undeniable. To non-gardeners, this compulsion may seem a bit curious or misunderstood. Yet it is a deep fascination with the genius loci,  the spirit of the place, and its responses to a caring and protective human hand.” – Fred Spicer, Executive Vice President and Director, Chicago Botanic Garden

In her book, Listen to the Land, Louise shares memorable stories of her youth, her return to the property as an adult, and the sometimes funny, sometimes harrowing trials and successes of tending a natural woodland garden. Any gardener will appreciate her efforts and the wisdom she imparts. The book features glorious images spanning four seasons by regional photographers over nearly 200 pages.

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Cover photo by Mick Hales

Listen to the Land (published by Birmingham Home & Garden) will be available in November 2017To pre-order your copy, visit louisewrinkle.com or shoppmtpub.com.

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