Get to know Birmingham photographers Lane and Josh Weichman

Married photographers, Lane and Josh Weichman, are adept at capturing the extraordinary moments that can come and go in the twinkling of an eye. Whether it’s a portrait session or an impression of a favorite concert, their photography is all about realizing that people, experiences, and family are what matter most.

Birmingham photographers Lane and Josh Weichman posing with three daughters.

“I love seeing a set come to life and a vision realized with my studio photography.”

Lane Weichman


Family session with Goodmans by Lane

Lane: I grew up in Trussville and first studied art/photography at the University of Montevallo. I’ve always felt a connection to photos. As a teenager, I studied fashion magazine photography and became interested in the sets and styling. That evolved into what I do today. My absolute favorite thing about photography is that it allows me to capture the little details of someone that may be forgotten about in a few years. Kids grow and change so quickly, and the cute little quirks that they have one year may be gone the following year. 

Josh: I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania but moved to Chelsea my senior year of high school. At first, I hated living in Birmingham. However, the longer I stayed, the more I fell in love with it. I think it’s the people that I like the most. There are so many great artists, musicians, and small business owners here. That’s what really makes this city magic.


Lane: Our girls are pretty much my inspiration for everything. When I get an idea, I always try it out on them first. For example, I do lifestyle dance photos and glitter party photos. Both of those themes are inspired by Lucy’s love of dance. I also do on-location sessions, and I shoot a lot of my work outdoors. Being unique and creative is something that is very important to me. Josh and I joke that most people look at a pretty field and think, “Wow, a pretty field,” but we are both observing the light pouring through the trees and how amazing it would look at sunset. We look for little spots where we could put a subject in to create a photograph. 

Josh: As a BMX racer growing up, I would study the photos in my BMX magazines. I was always amazed that people could shoot photos of something that was moving so fast and make it look so great. I spent my free time photographing my racing friends. In college, I got an internship with a music venue that wanted me to shoot photos of concert fans. As part of the payment, I was given access to the shows. Then I started to shoot the different artists that came through, and I fell in love with the fast pace of it all. 

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Jason Isbell jumping on stage while playing a guitar, surrounded by other band members sings and playing instruments.
Jason Isbell at the Ryman Theatre by Josh


Josh: I always love getting to shoot Jason Isbell and his incredible band. I think I’ve done 40 or 50 of his shows now. His team has been incredibly kind to me over the years. Other favorites include St. Paul and The Broken Bones, The Flaming Lips, Drive-By Truckers, Brent Cobb, Anderson East, Amanda Shires, and Mavis Staples. My dream project is to document an album coming together in a studio. 


Lane: We love our small-town life. Most of our family lives here now, and the downtown area has a lot of great shops and food. Many of our friends own businesses here. I have a beautiful, open studio space in a 1902 building in the heart of downtown. We homeschool the girls, so I basically work my schedule around them. Most of Josh’s photography is planned months in advance, so it’s pretty easy to work around his schedule. With his concert photography, he usually doesn’t leave the house until late in the afternoon or at night. 

To see more of Lane’s portraits or inquire about a session, IG: laneweichmanphoto

For more images of Josh’s work or to purchase prints, IG: joshweichman

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