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Interiors Southeast is the first book in an international series showcasing the impressive work of professionals who effortlessly meet all of the challenges of design, expressing the homeowners’ lifestyle and sense of style in thoughtful and creative ways. Featuring the original and diverse residences of professional interior designers in Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, the book offers an insider look at private retreats and delves deeper as the experts share their philosophy and advice gleaned through years of industry experience. For more, pick up a copy of the September/October issue of Birmingham Home & Garden today.


Marjorie Johnston & Co.

Marjorie Johnston & Co. / 2841 Culver Road / Birmingham, AL 35223 / 205.414.7860 /

Marjorie Johnston and Wendy Barze have been taught by experience that the home is defined by who lives there. No matter the scope of the project, the challenge in designing is to interpret and fulfill the homeowner’s vision through the choices of fabrics, furnishings, and accessories. Rooms should be subtle and comfortable, while simultaneously exhibiting a classic, fresh design with unexpected twists. At the core of every project, a subtle Southern aesthetic prevails, living casually with fine things.

Jane Hawkins Hoke

Jane Hawkins Hoke / 2102 Cahaba Rd # A / Mountain Brook, AL 35223 / 205.879.3406

As the granddaughter of Harry Hayden Hawkins, who established Hawkins Israel in 1929, Jane has an innate passion for design. In Jane’s three-decade career, she has designed many home interiors and developed even more friendships. Although she enjoys creating vacation homes in the mountains and at the beach, her first love is designing the places that people call home, beautiful primary residences throughout the city of Birmingham.

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Richard Tubb

Richard Tubb Interiors / 2829 Second Avenue South / Birmingham, AL 35233 / 205.324.7613 /

Richard Tubb Interiors is an ever-evolving showroom of furnishings and vingettes set in spaces that look like you could actually live in them. In the living room above, Richard designed the space for a family of four. His design intentions are always for a room to have timeless appeal and be lived in and enjoyed daily. His foundations often begin with neutrals, mixing in pattern and color with artwork and accessories. Photo by Mitchell Sargent

Circa Interiors

Circa Interiors & Antiques / Birmingham and Charlotte /

Creating a timeless design requires a keen eye and a deep understanding of past trends. For Cindy Smith and daughter Whitney Johnson, those attributes translate into a refined ability to extract just the right elements from certain periods to create a classic, functional ambiance. The foundation for each room centers on quality furniture that won’t tire over time. Combining antiques and new pieces, conventional with contemporary, the quality furnishings impart a quiet, confident style. Photo by Steven Young

J. Edwards Interiors

J. Edwards Interiors / Jenny Edwards / 2839 Culver Road, Suite 203 / Birmingham, AL 35223 / 205.870.5100

“Designers are, in effect, part visionaries and part realists, ” says Jenny Edwards. “They must see the ideas that the homeowner may describe or create a vision based on their observations of the homeowner’s lifestyle. For Jenny, this philosophy seems second nature. Growing up in an artistic, well-designed environment where everyone respected what they had, Jenny has held onto her roots and developed a talent for seeing fresh ideas and knowing how to use them to design tasteful, beautiful spaces. Photo by Beau Gustafson

Images and words courtesy of Interiors Southeast (Panache Partners, published by Brain Carabet and John Shand, distributed by IPG.)

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