Classic Charm

In the 1950s, suburban baths were pretty standard fare—small, functional spaces with pink, blue, or yellow square tiles. Today, there’s plenty of ways to maintain a classic look that won’t carry the stigma of avocado green in 20 years. In this Knollwood bath, designer Megan Houston brought tradition to the forefront, designing an elegant space that will remain relevant no matter what the trend. 


1. Room for Two – Borrowing space from a closet offered room for his-and-her Waterworks Belle Epoque washstands as well as the Kohler Tea for Two airbath tub. Because it is cast iron, the 6-foot tub holds heat longer. That means more time to enjoy the massage from thousands of bubbles.

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2. Custom Design – The tub’s curved backsplash  creates an elegant focal point for the bath wall. Nestled just under the window moulding, the pretty Carrara marble also extends to the top tub surround, making a neat ledge for sitting or for holding bath items.

3. Medicine Cabinets – Utilizing wall space adjacent to the sinks, Megan tucked in his-and-her storage cabinets to keep the sink surrounds neat and clean. For daily items, a glass shelf hangs above each sink.

4. Color Palette – Gray is that wonderful in-between color that offers a soothing, relaxing setting. According to color experts, the elegantly timeless color evokes calmness and relaxation—just what anyone wants when they wash a work day away.

5. Shine – Playing to the grays,  Megan used Waterworks fixtures (Highgate) in a nickel finish. Gray veining in the marble further complements the soft palette. Traditonal English fittings with white porcelain accents offer a timeless look well suited to classic style.

Design: Megan Houston • 205.834.5708 Contractor: Chris Farren with Benchmark Specialties  205.965.9645 Architect: Eric Dale  205.599.6949 All plumbing: Fixtures and Finishes • 2500 Second Avenue South. 205.323.5616 [email protected] Mirrors: Restoration Hardware (Rectangle Pivot mirror) Sconces: Urban Electric (Melissa Sconces) Shades: Circa Interiors and Antiques  205.868.9199 Hardware: Brandino Brass • 205.978.8900

Photography by Jean Allsopp

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