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At Home with Babbie Styslinger

   Babbie Styslinger’s eclectic, almost flea market style has catapulted her 18th Street shops into customer favorites when it comes to finding the latest home décor options....

House & Garden

ABOVE Nature takes center stage in the family room as sweeping views seamlessly blend inside and outside spaces together.    When interior designer Beth Dillard first laid...

Meet the Tastemakers

In fall 2015, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens invited top design talent from across the city to create inspiring vignettes. Meet the talent and find out what they have to say about designing for the looks we love.

Fixtures & Finishes

Q. You have been with Kenny & Co. for years; it has always been such a respected name in town for being a real niche in plumbing, tile,...

Sunny Delight

The casual passersby of Martha and Robert Haley’s Crestline home see a traditional white exterior that perfectly fits in with its charming neighborhood. Inside, however, a vivid...

A Brush with Color

Remember when elegant rooms were full of reds and golds, and ornate antiques ruled? And it looked so great...10 plus years ago, that is. Tastes...

Great Escape

When this Liberty Park couple embarked on a home renovation, they realized the time was right to add square footage as well—especially with three kids in...

The Valentine's Hook Up

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4 Easy (and Healthy!) Smoothie Recipes

These smoothies are so delicious and satisfying, it’s hard to believe they are healthy. Grab a straw, take a sip, and reap the benefits of the vitamin-packed, protein-enriched treats.

Classic Charm

In the 1950s, suburban baths were pretty standard fare—small, functional spaces with pink, blue, or yellow square tiles. Today, there’s plenty of...

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