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The laundry is expected to serve as so much more than a washroom (hello pets, shoes, sports gear, and even gift wrap!), but it’s not always equipped to efficiently carry the load. Stop the never-ending cycle of unorganized chaos and make the most out of your space.

Light, bright, and airy, this laundry room offers space to tackle stains and personal projects. Finishes pull double duty: white cabinets (Toulmin Cabinetry and Design) topped with Mont Blanc quartzite countertops, easy-to-clean porcelain tile floors, and handmade subway tile in a beautiful bright blue. A jetted sink and pull-out spray kitchen faucet helps with hand-washing clothes. Photography by Jean Allsopp. 

In the Fold
A dedicated space to fold and organize clothes after they’ve been washed is critical to the functionality of any laundry room. Don’t have a built-in countertop? Iron out the problem with the addition of a table. To save space, consider a foldable option that can be removed when not in use.

Control the Chaos
Cabinetry and shelving allow for organization and less clutter. If you choose open shelving, you can elevate your aesthetic by transferring items like detergent and fabric softener into pretty glass containers. 

Sinking in
The sink is as much of an essential laundry room worker as the washer and dryer. Stain emergencies, kids’ messes, pet cleanups, and even soaking of kitchen pans are just a few of its beneficial functions. A laundry sink is typically deeper than a kitchen sink and should be larger, if possible. For maximum functionality, opt for a faucet with a pull-down spray.

On the Line
Every laundry room needs a space to hang delicates that must air-dry. Instead of a freestanding drying rack, opt for a built-in drying rod as it takes up less space. Just be sure it’s positioned far enough away from the wall to leave room for hangers.

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Resources: Designer: Yolanda Crawford, Ellis Architects, Architect: Brian Brooker, Ellis Architects Builder: Smitherman Construction, 205.316.8589 Walls: Repose Gray, Sherwin-Williams Washer/dryer: Maytag from Ferguson, Sink and faucet: Ferguson

Practical & Pretty
An organized and functional laundry room doesn’t have to be strictly utilitarian. Perk up the space with an inviting design and finer finishes. Bring on the drama with bold walls or cabinets, or create some calm with a serene palette. Add in woven baskets or a pretty rug for warmth and texture.

Tough it Out
Quartz countertops are stain-resistant and can withstand practically anything (even harsh chemicals like bleach). For natural stone, consider granite or quartzite (though they must be sealed for stain resistance). For flooring, nothing tops maintenance-free porcelain tile, though the texture of natural materials like slate or flagstone are more slip-resistant.

A wall-hung utility sink and pull-down faucet are positively chic thanks to accompaniments such as the unlacquered brass pendant, tiled wall, and mosaic floor.

Resources: Architect/Designer: Sissy Austin, Austin and Co., Builder: Fry/Jones, Sink, faucet, tile: Fixtures & Finishes, Cabinets: JLP, Inc., 205.599.4424 Walls: White Dove, Benjamin Moore Cabinets: Green Smoke, Farrow & Ball

Wide Open Spaces
There’s no standard size for a laundry room, but the “bigger is better” approach certainly applies. Think through your laundry room goals and map out the space during the design process so that it comfortably houses everything desired. A clear vision upfront will better ensure the space not only works, but also makes laundry less of a chore.

Double Duty
Large families can benefit from double washers and dryers. If going that route, think stackable units to save space. A second-floor laundry room has become a new trend and certainly has its benefits: no lugging the laundry up and down steps and more loads going at one time. 

Fully Loaded
Today’s appliances feature high-tech options that wash away the laundry room woes. Save time checking on laundry with a wi-fi-enabled washer and dryer that can notify you via app when the cycle is complete. Many washers and dryers also offer steam options that let you lose the wrinkles without the work. And the real game-changer: a pedestal sidekick washer (thanks, LG!) that helps with those forgot-to-throw-it-in items.

To the Dogs
The laundry room is prime real estate for housing the family pet and all of his (or her) belongings. When designing, designate a built-in space specifically for your pet’s crate, food, toys, and other essentials. To really pamper your pooch—and keep unwanted pet hair out of the sink or tub—add a grooming station for bath time.

Formerly a bedroom, this room was large enough to convert into both a workroom and laundry. In the workroom, the island’s white oak waterfall edge offers custom dovetail joints
The adjacent laundry houses a sink, more storage, and a full-size stackable washer and dryer.

Resources: Designer: Sumner Starling, Starling Interiors, IG: @sumnertstarling Architect: Paul Bates Architects, Builder: Mimikakis Construction, Cabinets: Parsons Custom Cabinetry, Oak countertop: Evolutia, Plumbing fixtures: Fixtures & Finishes, Hardware: Brandino Brass, Topiaries: Shoppe, Walls and cabinets: Shaded White, Farrow & Ball Island: Blue Gray, Farrow & Ball

Shiplap walls and sage green cabinets with unlacquered brass hardware lend a modern farmhouse vibe to this hardworking space.

Resources: Designer: Douglas C. Davis & Associates,
Builder: Jim Neighbors, 256.316.1755 Hardware: Brandino Brass, Cabinets: Clary Sage, Sherwin-Williams Walls: Alabaster White, Sherwin-Williams Quartz countertops: OHM International, Inc., Sink, faucet, flooring: Fixtures & Finishes,

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