Creating Floral Beauty

Huntsville-based floral designer Charlotte Wessel has found her gift and uses it to the delight of those around her. Where some see an empty ceramic pot, Charlotte sees a vessel, ready to be filled with the beauty of her garden, no matter the season.

Photo by Laurey Glenn

Charlotte Wessel fondly recalls growing up in Anniston, Alabama, with a mother who had two green thumbs and garden clippers always at the ready. Making her corner of the world prettier with flowers was how her mom expressed creativity and love. Charlotte says her mother’s influence led to the development of her own passion for gardening. “I am so sentimental about flowers,” she says. “I love that fellow gardeners will share things they have grown that will then take root in your own garden. I call it the gardeners’ version of a potluck party.” As an example, Charlotte cites the irises in her yard that came from a dear friend who has since passed away. “Every year when they bloom, I am reminded of that person,” she says. “And when my Solomon’s Seal blooms, I think of my mother—it was her favorite.”

Charlotte recently attended a workshop with Katie Davis of @Ponderosa_and_Thyme where she found new inspiration and insight. Her biggest takeaway? “Figure out your style and keep creating. Never stop.”

Take a Second Look at Overlooked Nooks

Photo by Laurey Glenn

“I always love flowers in the powder room,” says Charlotte. “Since I don’t have a lot of counter space, a wreath works perfectly.” This boxwood wreath (top left) is studded with pepperberry sprays, ranunculus, and nandina berries, all in shades that play off of the fun wallpaper. “I love the linen ribbon,” Charlotte says. “It hangs beautifully!”

Showstopping Entry

Photo by Laurey Glenn

Holiday guests arriving at the Wessels’ front door are greeted with a stunning swag that Charlotte created entirely by hand (bottom left). “If you are short on time but still want to make an impact, dress up a purchased swag by using flower picks to wire berries onto it,” she says. “Insert the picks at random intervals until you get the look you want.”

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Complement, Don’t Compete

Photo by Laurey Glenn

For the mantel above, Charlotte wanted her arrangement to enhance rather than detract from the deep green walls. To achieve this, she crafted something that could share the stage with the existing painting—and even highlight it. By creating an arrangement of considerable size and scale, she was able to draw the eye up to the art. Using greenery in varying shades of green adds to the vignette without overpowering it.

Photo by Laurey Glenn

Think Outside the (Color) Box

Charlotte strongly believes that holiday florals don’t have to only be red and green. “If you have a hot pink tablecloth you love to use, then by all means do so!” she says. “Likewise, don’t be afraid to use peach or other rosy shades indoors in the winter.”

Double Up

If your holiday plans include hosting multiple parties, you may want to put up two trees—one for guests and one for family. On the previous page, Charlotte adorned a simple tree with pink berries and a giant coral-hued live amaryllis garland. “These fresh flowers may be short-lived, but guests will be oohing and aahing long after they’ve left the party,” she says. “Save your heirlooms and sentimental keepsakes for the family tree.”

Charlotte Wessel
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