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Mary Lauren McBride

Mary Lauren McBride of Mary Lauren McBride Interiors aims to ensure that the needs and desires of each individual client are met with an individualized approach. The second floor guest bathroom of our Inspiration Home is being designed by Mary Lauren and will encompass tone on tone textures and subtle color, giving the room a serenity with a splash of fun emerging thought art, wall-covering and fabrics. Get to know Mary Lauren and find out more about her design process!

Why do you do what you do?
MM: I truly LOVE design and all it entails to achieve a residence or space my clients can truly enjoy- from hosting a party to cooking a good dinner with their family- I aim to give my clients an effortless feeling and a true sense of home, that’s the main reason I love what I do…. Achieving that for my clients is a privilege and task, but I feel honored when people choose our team to achieve this!

Favorite local design resources?
MM: Circa, Masion, Patina, Design Supply, Unique Black Sheep & Local Artists

Favorite travel destinations?
MM: Anywhere new…I love an adventure and all the feelings of exploring local shops, restaurants and sites… I also look forward to my next trip back!

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Trends vs timeless – where do you fall?
MM: Timeless, with a small splash of trend…. I air on the more timeless side, but I love to put a few ‘trendy’ or ‘zoomy’ twist on timeless

IG accounts you follow?
MM: Paloma Contraras, Habitually Chic, Amelia Handegan, Barbara Westbrook and William McClure

What are some of your favorite unique ways to incorporate rugs into design?
MM: I love layering small old rugs on a simple grass rug, I also love grounding a room in a simple, textural rug to give a great understated foundation to a space!

How do you successfully mix patterns and colors?
MM: I love texture and subtle color for the most part, which lends itself to easy layering and can also be easily changed. I do love pattern and color if mixed with a ‘restrained’ eye, this is something that definitely stretches me as a designer outside my ‘box’…

Tell us a little about the space you are designing for the Inspiration Home.
MM: I am designing a guest bedroom on the second floor. As a lover of the lake, I pictured my husband and I enjoying this room as guests after a long day on the lake. I feel the idea of a retreat and restfulness kept emerging in my scheme. Again, with the tone on tone textures and subtle color, the room is serene but the splash of fun is emerging thought art, wall-covering and fabrics. Overall, I would want guests to love spending time in this room and feel rested and captured with the beauty of lake martin when leaving.

Do you have a design motto you live by?
MM: If I don’t love something, I cannot in good conscience present it to my clients… I realize not all projects will fit into my personal design style, however – as a designer, I truly love and appreciate so many styles and aspects of designs. When I and my team love something- it’s easy to sell or present to clients…. I think at the root of any of our design work, you will get true refinement of design presented for a very authentic look.

Learn more about Mary Lauren McBride Interiors by visiting her website here.

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