…a creative collaboration between four like-minded friends. What started as an interior design studio for Kat Bailey turned into a nook of a shop in Edgewood that brims with antique and vintage finds. It’s a space so full that the offerings often spill out onto the sidewalk—and, the business partners have warehouses for larger pieces and incoming goods. Each creative brings their own sense of style to the space, melding as one well-curated spot for treasure hunters. “This isn’t our full time job,” says Kat who is also an interior designer and fitness instructor. “This is a hobby for all of us.”

Jonathan Lambert of Triton Stone contributes true antiques, Chinoiserie, art, and ginger jars to Shoppe’s wares. “When Jonathan is out hunting for items, he has the ability to look at a sea of objects and find the pieces that are truly valuable,” Kat says.
Interior designer Virginia Volman brings her lively, colorful, and eclectic items to the mix. Think vintage chairs covered in hot pink velvet, perfectly polished silver and silverplate, and an array of contemporary art.

Don’t miss Hannah Johnson’s walk-in closet, racks, and tabletops filled vintage clothes and costume jewelry. She offers statement pieces perfect for casual wear or evenings out. “One of her most popular items is her vintage furs,” Kat says.

Shoppe on Broadway

111 Broadway Street, Homewood, AL
Open Wednesday – Sunday
or by appointment.
Call or check IG or FB for hours.

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Kat Bailey
Jonathan Lambert
Virginia Volman
Hannah Johnson

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Alice Welsh Doyle

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