Lofty Goals

In an English Village condominium, interior designer Jessica Conner transforms two builder-box baths into showroom-worthy spaces.

Photos by Jean Allsopp

Loft living seems synonymous with chic industrial style—think tall ceilings, exposed pipes, brick walls, and sleek finishes. When designer Jessica Conner stepped into her client’s English Village loft, she found all those things, with the exception of the baths that didn’t fit the overall contemporary vibe. Moulded tub/shower combos; basic, boring tile; dinky fixtures; and dull lighting filled both spaces, taking the loft from wow to, well, in great need of help. Stripping the baths to their bones, Jessica fulfilled the rooms’ potential by turning the spaces into modern baths with a cool edge and plenty of stylish appointments. 

Things We Love

That TUB!
The homeowner wanted a luxurious floating tub, but there wasn’t space for a separate shower. “We combined the two with a pedestal tub that includes a shower fixture with both handheld and overhead options,” says Jessica. An “old school” wraparound shower enclosure keeps the space waterproof without the need to cover up the original brick wall.

That Tile Wall
For contrast to the brick, Jessica created a beautiful wall of Carrara marble tile behind the tub. A spacious ledge keeps bath and shower necessities organized and close at hand.

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Tile Treatments
“The rug design in the tile flooring of the brick-wall bath helped the small space feel a little larger and took the place of a run-of-the mill bath mat,” says Jessica. To make the other bath feel more spacious as well, she used larger-format pattern tile in a bold color palette.

Plenty of Personality
Jessica’s client wanted each bath to make its own unique statement. “He wanted the shower bath to be his everyday space that was more modern and clean and energizing,” says Jessica. “The brick bathroom is his Turkish bath getaway, where he can relax after long days at work.”

Designer:  Jessica Conner Design & Interiors, Builder: Saunders Bradford, 205.871.1717, Cabinets: Shower bath vanity and bench: Lovewood Studio, Dave Hayes, 205.601.5412, Brick bath vanity and bench: Restoration Hardware, Vanity hardware: Brandino Brass, Shower bath fixtures: Fixtures & Finishes, 205.323.5616, Brick bath fixtures and tub: Fixtures & Finishes  Shower bath countertops: CR Home, 205.943.0680 Brick bath countertops: CR Home Tile/backsplash in shower bath: Henry Tile, 205.592.8615, Tile/backsplash in tub bath: Fixtures & Finishes Shower bath rug: At Home, 205.879.3510, Lighting: Mayer Lighting, 205.583.3400,

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