Making an Impression

Best known for their keen eye for gardening, Max Garcia and David Swindal approach everything they do with passion. When asked to decorate the foyer of Dr. Chandler and Jane Paris Smith’s Vestavia Hills home for the holidays, the designers embraced it with their usual spirit and dressed the room from floor to ceiling with an abundance of traditional holiday décor. A sweeping, freestanding staircase sets the stage for a grand tree filled with sparkling silver and gold ornaments. The banister is wrapped in a garland made from greenery clipped from the homeowners’ garden. Red velvet ribbon wraps the handrail, striping it like a candy cane, and angel candle holders stand sentry to the great ascension.

“This was such an amazing space to decorate because of the antique chandelier, hand-blocked Chinese wallpaper, and hand-painted ceiling medallion, ” says David. “We were able to honor the space with decorations worthy of this amazing house and the couple who lives here.”

GartenFest, Maximino Garcia and David Swindal • 205.414.6740 • [email protected]

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Photography by Jean Allsopp

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Jean Allsopp Photography

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