Birmingham is home to many fabulous designers and shops. It’s also home to one of the fastest growing furniture lines in the country—GABBY, an interiors line and sister to the much-beloved Birmingham-grown brand of outdoor furniture, Summer Classics, started by Bew White.

Following on the heels of his father, William White started GABBY with the goal to create compelling design for inspired living. His initial plan and designs were two years in the making, and since its 2010 launch, the GABBY brand has garnered a loyal following locally and nationally. GABBY furniture, lighting, and accessories are available through designers and favorite local shops including At Home, Defining Home, Richard Tubb Interiors, Trouvé, and Blackjack Gardens. Be sure to check out their newly opened showroom (shared with Summer Classics) in Pelham.

Chris Hutchens


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GABBY Creative Director Chris Hutchens shares a few tips on how to create swoon-worthy rooms:

1. Make a Statement 
“Architectural accents create the backdrop for your whole house, ” Chris says. Add flair with wainscotting or wallpaper or opt for bold, detailed flooring with a rug, paint detail, wood inlay, or tile. 

2. Create atmosphere
The formal dining room is making a comeback. Chris says comfort, plentiful seating, and an inviting atmosphere will encourage guests to linger long after the last course. 

3. Turn off the TV
“To create conversation areas, furniture placement is key, ” says Chris. “The sofa needs to talk to the chairs. And, there needs to be plenty of pull-up seating such as small stools or ottomans.” Cocktail tables should be within easy reach of seating.

4. Leave room for casegoods 
“It’s a common misconception that seating should be pushed up against the walls, ” Chris says. “People think this makes a room look bigger, but the opposite is true.” Float furniture in the center of the room. “Walls are for cabinets and art, ” he adds.

5. Make a scene
A fan of salon-style walls, Chris insists that mixing in architectural elements or interesting finds is essential to breaking the static of framed artwork.  

6. Add life
“Fill in cold corners with statement-making plants such as fiddleleaf figs, banana leaf figs, or kentia palms, ” says Chris. “They are all low-maintenance choices and breathe life into a room.”

7. Create positive energy
Look for pieces that speak to your personality. Whether its vacation souvenirs, an antique, or a photograph, Chris says these are the pieces that make a space uniquely yours. 

Summer Classics:
Showroom: 3140 Pelham Pkwy., Pelham, AL 35124. 205.358.9600

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