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Jon Culver believes that container gardening is a beautiful way for anyone to grow fruits and vegetables easily. With 25 years in the garden business, Jon opened Sweet Peas garden and gift shop 10 years ago. Sweet Peas offers whimsical charms such as a classic car filled with colorful plants to welcome you to the shop where you can wander through a maze of fun artwork, and trellises handmade by Jon.

Container gardening is Jon's solution for those who would not otherwise have the ground space or the physical ability to maintain a full garden. They are also an efficient fix for balconies and courtyards. If you are limited on sun, containers can be moved to get the ample amount of sunlight you might not get with a stationary garden, Jon says. Some plants will need vertical support, such as tomato cages, topiaries, trellises, or arbors, to grow properly in containers. Combining plants that mature in different seasons is Jon's favorite way of ensuring that fresh produce is always available. These combinations will not only provide you with something delicious to enjoy eating, but the gorgeous color combinations will also enhance your outdoor decorations.

4 Easy Combinations

1 Blueberries + Strawberries A blueberry bush underplanted with strawberries gives you vertical and trailing growth, says Jon. This combination of berries will bear fruit from spring to early summer, and will also provide a beautiful mix of bright colors perfect for the season.

2 Fig + Trailing Herb A potted fig tree underplanted with a trailing herb such as oregano or thyme is a good combination that will continue to grow into the fall season and will look great together as well.

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3 Flowers + Tomato Plant A fun and interesting way to bring out the beauty of your tomato plants is to plant some flowers along with them.  Jon suggests combining marigolds with tomatoes, as they are known to repel insects.

4 Peppers + Herbs Planting peppers with complementary herbs such as basil or parsley is a great way to have a ready-made combination for homemade salsa. 205.879.3839

Text by Tiffany Mahaffey, Photography by Jean Allsopp

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Tiffany Mahaffey

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