Q&A with Architect Scott Torode

Meet Montgomery-based architect, Scott Torode of Pfeffer Torode Architecture, who was tasked with designing this year’s Inspiration Home.

Tell us a little about the home you designed for the 2019 Inspiration Home and from where you drew your inspiration.
ST: Steve Arnberg with Russell Lands came seeking a sort of aesthetic reset for this phase of The Willows. It’s not something that can be done in one house, but we hopefully started something by referencing more closely styles of American recreational architecture (shingle style, the Adirondacks, and mountain houses of North Carolina). The house is rendered in rough-sawn cedar siding, timber and rafters details which Chad Calhoun’s team does very well.

Do you have a favorite finish or design detail that you like to incorporate in your work that we can expect to see here?
ST: I always go back to materials of integrity, so I love wood planking wherever possible, dressed up or down, painted or stained, anyway that I can get it.

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The most important details to me are in planning. We always think through the process of loading and unloading the house, where one enters and sets things down, and where to accommodate all of the groceries, coolers, luggage, pets, etc. that come with you to the lake.  Having a second entry through the mudroom gives opportunity to sort that stuff  away so it doesn’t end up cluttering the kitchen. It’s an important point with open kitchens.

The porch is always important to me. Here we’ve oriented it away from the house to capture cross breezes and views. The porch defines one side of the terrace which makes it more amenable as a hangout. I’m also fond of the separate grilling porch. It’s close but not smoke in everyone’s eyes close.

How do you design a home today that will continue to be relevant in the years to come?
ST: I’m not much for predicting trends, and seeking them out usually results in some future fashion hazard. Relevance depends on time and place, and comes from listening to the vision and desires of our clients. Our clients often come to us with the long view of what the house will be to their family in the future, and that’s the ideal place to start.

Favorite travel destination and why?
ST: I love the Blue Ridge mountains, so the nearer to the mountains the better. I’m usually there in my mind.

Favorite restaurant?
ST: The Vintage Year in Cloverdale is a great neighborhood restaurant for us. Chef Eric’s menu is always a step above and the service excellent.

ST: Anything that involves design and a pencil in hand. I’m truly fortunate to have a profession that I cannot wait to start every morning.

Learn more about Pfeffer Torode Architecture by visiting their website here.

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