Q&A with Designer Georgia Carlee

Georgia Carlee

Georgia Carlee, of GCI Design, offers a uniquely custom experience with the knowledge, experience and resources to implement all phases of the design process. With locations in Alexander City and Santa Rosa Beach, GCI Design creates beautifully curated getaway homes with timeless appeal. Georgia will be designing the sitting room of the 2019 Inspiration Home.

Why do you do what you do?
GC: I have been moving furniture around in my room since I was in third grade and I drew house plans in seventh grade math class. This has always been something I have loved to do, even before I knew it could be a job. I have been fortunate enough to work in an industry that I have dreamed about since I was very young. I realize not many people truly get that chance in life to make a living doing what they love. I think it is important for everyone to have a home and have a space that they want to be in that reflects who they are. A home is where memories are made. Being an Interior Designer, I get to be included in that very personal process of creating a home where people spend a majority of their life. I also get the opportunity to meet some of the most unusual people from all over. My job is interesting, challenging at times, but always rewarding in the end.

Favorite local design resources?
GC: I always try to shop local and support shops and artists wherever the project may be. I love to scour antiques stores for something unexpected that is primitive and architectural.

Go to paint colors?
GC: I really want to say something very unusual, but the truth is I ALWAYS fall back on Benjamin Moore White Dove. I have tried so many other shades, but that white is too good. It is milky, warm, works with every color and never looks sterile.

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Trends vs timeless – where do you fall?
GC: I definitely lean more timeless because I’m too sensible to waste money on costly pieces that are trendy. For trends, add smaller, inexpensive objects or accents that can be easily changed. Furnishings, fixtures and finishes that are good quality last a long time and are worth the expense. I always start with the main furniture pieces that are timeless and have good lines then add in more trendy accents to keep the space feeling current and fresh.

Georgia thinks it is important for everyone to have a home and have a space that they want to be in that reflects who they are

What is your favorite space to design?
GC: Ironically, I love small spaces. I feel like they are the most challenging because they typically have multiple functions and every single thing counts in that space. The finishes, the furniture, the function…everything is important, so I really love that challenge of trying to maximize small spaces while creating something beautiful for the end user.

Tell us a little about the space you are designing for the Inspiration Home.
GC: I am designing the sitting room. I am hoping this space comes across as multifunctional and comfortable. It is on the second floor off of three bedrooms. I’ve had to think about how I think most people would use this space. I have considered it to be a secondary living/media space with room to sit and watch tv, play games, read a book, have some quiet time, visit with family and also to be a space for working and studying. The overall feel I’ve tried to convey is comfortable, collected, unique and current.

Georgia believes that furnishings fixtures and finishes that are good quality last a long time and are worth the expense

Do you have a design motto you live by?
GC: Less is more. I am not a fan of visual clutter. Everything should have a place. It’s calming in this busy world. I always leave an opportunity for my clients to add personal touches in their homes as they collect memories. However, I often find myself going back and editing for them!

Find out more about GCI Design by visiting the website here.

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