Q&A with Designer Libby Greene

Libby aims to create a relaxed feeling of well-cherished antiques mixed with comfortable, beautiful fabrics that provide an inviting aesthetic. Photo by Jean Allsopp

Libby Greene, of Libby Greene Interiors, dishes on her design style and lets us in on her plans for the guest retreat she is designing for the BHG Inspiration Home.

Why do you do what you do?
LG: My focus is to create a relaxed feeling of well-cherished antiques mixed with comfortable, beautiful fabrics that provide an inviting aesthetic. I work to create a specific room environment that is visually pleasing to the eye and find special one of a kind pieces that can be mixed effortlessly with contemporary furnishings and architecture. I want to complement the present with the past without compromising either for my clients! My overall goal is for my clients’ homes to be a space that they love whether it be relaxing or entertaining.

Favorite local design resources?
LG: I have SO many but here are a few of mine; Paige Albright Orientals, Hiltz Lauber Flooring, Henhouse Antiques, Arceneaux Art Gallery and Cottage Supply. They all go the extra mile to help me efficiently meet the design needs of my clients and provide beautiful, unmatched resources.

Bringing the colors of nature from the outdoors in, Libby achieves a style that complements its surroundings. Photo by Jean Allsopp

Go to paint colors?
LG: Benjamin Moore – Creamy White, Grant Beige & Pale Oak
Sherwin Williams – Natural Choice

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IG accounts you follow?
LG: citychic4ever_ and secretsofahostess

Trends vs timeless – where do you fall?
LG: Timeless is a safe place to be! I feel it is a more cost effective-long term way to decorate. I am a firm believer that you should not fill a room with trendy furniture or objects just to complete the design process. You should focus on one room at a time and if takes more money to fill that room with unique, extra special items- it will be worth it!

Libby feels timeless design is where it’s at – a more cost effective, long term way to decorate. Photo by Jean Allsopp

What is your favorite space to design?
LG: You should never be fixed on specific room, but instead the overall appearance of the space. I like getting to know my clients as individuals- so that when I am scouting specific items, I know instantly if I have found something that will fit perfectly for the project. Whether it is a game day residence, beach getaway, a lake retreat or family home, my favorite aspect to the design process is learning about the passion of my clients. It could be a sport, a recreational activity, a country- I like to take that love and incorporate it into a space with those influences.

Tell us a little about the space you are designing for the Inspiration Home.
LG: For the guest retreat, I have focused on bringing the outdoors inside by incorporating warmth and light in the space. My goal is to create an atmosphere that incorporates the greens and neutrals of the beautiful natural surroundings of the lake. Fern prints will adorn the walls, complimented by linen printed draperies. A bamboo upholstered headboard and a painted antique English chest give the ambiance of both old and new.

Do you have a design motto you live by?
LG: Good design means you are buying quality over quantity.

Learn more about Libby Greene Interiors by visiting her website here.

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