Q&A with Designer Pandy Agnew

Pandy Agnew

Meet Pandy Agnew of Pandy Agnew Interiors, who is designing the master suite of our Inspiration Home. Pandy has over 30 years experience designing interiors and her shop is packed with a diverse array of unique home decor finds.

Why do you do what you do?
PA: I’m an interior decorator because I truly love what I do. I can’t turn it off, it comes from my mind’s eye. Whether it’s indoors or outside, I’m constantly seeing what could be done, how the space could be made better. It’s just what comes naturally to me.

Favorite local design resources?
PA: Our own shop is obviously where I do most of my shopping. But all my suppliers shops/warehouses give me great inspiration and new ideas. I really concentrate on each client, they are all so very different. Where they want to go with their personal wants and needs to achieve the look we are after is where I take them.

Go to paint colors?
PA: I have found that Sherman Williams Alabaster is a beautiful warm white that works with everything. Urbane Bronze is a warm dark chocolate that I love. These two make beautiful backgrounds for shots of rich color in art and accessories. I’m really attracted to texture, woven anything gives another layer to warmth and feeling of coziness. Wooden beams, floors… natural colors from nature would be my favorites.

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Trends vs timeless – where do you fall?
PA: Well, since I’ve been doing this for such a long time, it makes me so happy to visit homes I did 20-25 years ago and they still look almost the same. Ever so often I’m asked to refresh a worn rug or add new artwork, so basically I would definitely put myself into timeless.

IG accounts you follow?
PA: My Instagram accounts vary. I have a lot of French post/ blogs I follow…love the peaceful style of Sharon Santoni, the quirkiness of “Midlife in Paris.” Velvet and Linen always are great for home and garden. Our own architects from Birmingham are also some of my favorites. We are so fortunate to have such a wealth of talent right here at our doorstep.

What is your favorite space to design?
PA: I don’t really have a favorite room to decorate. The home all becomes one to me when working on an entire house, vary and repeat… I say that a lot. I love a room with a view. Trying to compliment the beauty of nature through large open windows without overpowering Mother Nature ‘s beauty is the key. Creating a comfortable, complimentary area is my job.

Tell us a little about the space you are designing for the Inspiration Home.
PA: I’m designing an eclectic master suite bordering on contemporary. It’s more of a sophisticated, serene, comfortable space that compliments the view of the lake from the house. A mix of timeless styles, a warm inviting atmosphere, pulled together with pieces that feel like home, and the unique characteristics of a wonderful resort.

Do you have a design motto you live by?
PA: Motto, hmmmm . I listen to my clients… I truly just build a space around function and beauty…and making it so comfortable one would rather stay home.

Learn more about Pandy Agnew Interiors by visiting her website here.
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