Q&A with Paige Albright

Paige is known for her ability to evaluate the value and origins of a rug by sight.

Meet local business owner and oriental rug expert Paige Albright of Paige Albright Orientals, whose eclectic shop offers an extensive collection of antique oriental rugs hand selected to achieve a diverse inventory. Her curated assortment of rugs includes a wide range of styles that include both antique and modern pieces. Paige also offers unique travel finds such as caftans, bags and scarves making her shop a truly exceptional shopping destination. Paige’s rug selections will be showcased in the upcoming Birmingham Home and Garden Inspiration Home.

Why do you do what you do?
PA: I really enjoy what I do. I have a friend who calls me the Rug Whisperer. One of my strengths is going to a client’s home to see the space and then finding the perfect rug. The rug must balance the client’s furniture, fabrics, art and collections. This is where my design background comes into play as well as hand selecting each piece of my inventory. Also, It’s important to LISTEN. Whether it is a client’s needs and wants. OR when meeting with a vendor or traveling to a new place. ASK questions. I’m always learning. You never know what you will discover. Ask and listen. Be curious. And most important HAVE FUN! I love color and pattern. I love learning the meanings behind symbols and motifs. I love finding treasure and bringing it back to my clients. This is why we have started @paosmalls. I started bringing back small finds in my suitcase and discovered everyone wanted the exotic and unusual. I’m adding travel finds to PAO – caftans, bags, scarves, etc.

Also I love to read. I collect rug and textiles books. I pick up a book or two on almost all my travel destinations. Why knot? WHY KNOT might be my most memorable motto/hashtag.

Favorite local design resources?
PA: I love all my local design friends. Especially my Village neighbors: Circa, Patina, Antiquities, Village Firefly and Maison. I also love to dig around for hidden treasure in Lolo French Antiques, Tricia’s Treasures and the Nest, as well as Black Sheep Antiques in Harpersville (totally worth the drive!)

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Favorite travel destinations?
PA: I just got home from Sante Fe and it was pretty amazing. New York is ALWAYS a good idea. Istanbul is one of my favorite cities as well as Marrakesh.

Paige Albright Orientals is home to a vast collection of curated oriental rugs, as well as modern floor coverings.

Trends vs timeless – where do you fall?
PA: Timeless. “Modern Traditional” I love mixing antiques with modern art and accessories. Buy great anchor pieces (sofa, antique chest, etc) and keep your space modern with artwork, pillows, accessories, etc.

IG accounts you follow?
PA: @wherewomencreate @thewildrabbithouse @aestheticsofjoy

What are some of your favorite unique ways to incorporate rugs into design?
PA: Use rugs tabletop, as wall hangings/art, upholstery, pillows made from rug fragments

How do you successfully mix patterns and colors?
PA: We like to coordinate our rugs so that they look collected over time. We might keep pieces in a similar color palette but change the scale of the pattern, or use a medallion next to a piece with an allover pattern.

Tell us a little about the space you are designing for the Inspiration Home.
PA: My rugs ground each space and add color and texture to the house.

Do you have a design motto you live by?
PA: Buy what you love. Buy the best quality you can afford.

Learn more about Paige Albright Orientals by visiting her website here.

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