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Whether sensitive and shy or loud and outgoing, every kid’s personality is different. See how three designers created youthful yet sophisticated spaces that capture their individuality.

Photos by Jean Allsopp

Olivia’s Room

For designer Fran Keenan, decorating Olivia Vance’s room was all about creating a space that would still be relevant as she moves into her teen years.

Well-balanced: A custom upholstered bed with canopy and antique settee from Chelsea Antiques showcase traditional notions while girly prints infuse contemporary spirit. Modern light-fixtures add to the welcome tension. Fran offset the cost of custom upholstery and designer fabrics with a West Elm duvet and shams and furniture from antiques and second hand shops.

Color and texture: A striped wall provides visual texture against the canopy fabric. To make the colors in the room really pop, Fran introduced orange bedside lamps from Soho Retro. “Orange makes other colors look brighter and adds a lot of strength to a color palette, ” Fran says.

Secret room: The bedroom was attached to unused attic space, so Fran turned it into an art studio. Fabric hues offered the cue for the bright pink wall color. Here, a farm table and modern chairs provide a workspace while acrylic cubes offer a place for display.

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Decorating tip: When in doubt of how high to hang a mirror, always hang lower rather than higher. If the mirror is too high, the eye cannot see the mirror and the items around it together without having to look up or down. “Typically I hang a mirror about six to eight inches above a sofa, ” Fran says.

Walls: Muted Fuchsia, Pittsburgh Paints. Photos by Jean Allsopp

Fran Keenan Designs • 

Wall colors Benjamin Moore Super White and Old Navy walls painted by Precision Painting 2052431797 <em>Photo by Sarah Arrington<em>

Drew’s Room

The perfectly picked shade of navy blue on the walls, drapes, and bedding create a timeless aesthetic in Drew Pharo’s room. Instead of going with a trendy theme, designers Annie Goldberg and Ginny Maguire of AG Designs created ageless appeal. To liven up the traditional color scheme, they added pops of lime green for a fun twist on the classic blue and white palette.

Why We Love It

Clean lines: Looking around the room is easy on the eyes thanks to Annie’s and Ginny’s efforts to line up the stripes on the drapes, the wall, and even the top of the bunk bed.

The details: To create a really fun and custom feel, Annie and Ginny mixed and matched sheet sets. The fitted sheet of one set is paired with the flat sheet of another.

Child’s play: The rug is a prime location for Drew to play. But this particular rug gets in on the action and creates an actual street background for him to play with his favorite toys: cars, trains, and trucks.

Room to grow: Except for the child-like rug, most everything in Drew’s room can easily transition as he ages. The bunk bed has built in shelving and a desk he can eventually use for homework.

Wall covering Serena Lily Blush Pink wall covering <a href=httpserenaandlilycom target= blank rel=noopener noreferrer>serenaandlilycom<a> <em>Photo by Sarah Arrington<em>

Mimi’s Room

Girly meets gorgeous in the bedroom of five-year-old Mimi Pharo. With soft pinks and greens combining with neutrals like white and gray, Annie and Ginny created a sweet yet subtle girlish atmosphere. “With three siblings, all boys, we felt Mimi needed a girly room she could retreat to and enjoy, ” Annie says. “Our goal was to make her bedroom a special place where she would want to spend time and play.”

Why We Love It

Stripes are the stars: The horizontal stripe wall covering creates instant personality and adds interest versus flat, painted walls. “The stripes also show off the unique lines of the roof and give the room a real three-dimensional look, ” Ginny adds.

Fun furniture: Annie and Ginny had Mimi’s dollhouse bed repainted in softer hues to match the rest of the room. They also brought in a large round chair to provide Mimi with a comfortable spot to sit and read books with her friends or family.

Designer: AG Designs, 205.937.2107 (Annie) • 205.215.6250 (Ginny); [email protected][email protected] Big round chair: Defining Home • 1916 28th Avenue

Miggy’s Room

When Marci Grant approached good friend and interior designer Jenny Hadley to design her daughter’s bedroom, one thing was already certain: Miggy wanted color. “Miggy really wanted her room to be bright, ” explains Marci. “So the goal was to make the room fun but sophisticated. I want her to enjoy her room and be happy in it.”

Why We Love it

Bringing the drama: For a sophisticated look, Jenny selected a turquoise-and-white printed Lee Jofa fabric for the twin headboards, which she had created as tall as possible for the angled wall. She also covered the back wall with the same fabric. “I wanted to create some drama since the room had interesting angles, and the high headboards and matching wall fabric did that, ” Jenny explains. “The fabric was also a choice that we knew could grow with Miggy and be used for years to come.”

Focusing on fun: To play up the fun, Jenny added pops of hot pink, Miggy’s favorite color, in various elements of the room, from the lamps and lantern to the bedding and window treatments. She also made room for every little girl’s dream: a swing.

Space saver: To allow for as much floor space as possible, Jenny chose twin beds. Saving even more space, a console table serves both bed’s table side needs. 

Natural elements: Jenny effortlessly mixes in natural elements with the high-end textiles and furniture, including the stump table and wall-to-wall seagrass flooring, which is softened up with a fluffy rug. Jenny also had bookshelves created from reclaimed wood, which provide the perfect place for Miggy’s trinkets and books.

Jenny Hadley Interiors, 205.936.7385 Swing: Maison de France Antiques, Leeds • 205.699.6330 Monogrammed shams: Table Matters, 205.879.0125 • Lantern and lamps painted by: Daniel Whitsett, Paintworks Design Studio, 205.296.5638. Architectural bowl: Defining Home, 205.803.3662 • Books: Church Street Coffee and Books, 205.870.1117 Wool animals: A’mano, 205.871.9093 • Stump side table: Defining Home Shelves: constructed by Ben Smith, CBS Building, 205.229.0683 • [email protected]

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