Showroom Style: Urban Home Market


Q. What types of furnishings do you offer?

A. We carry affordable home furnishings and accessories that offer a unique blend of modern, antique, and vintage with a twinge of European influence. We are actively involved in buying our pieces by the whole container, which allows us to share the savings with our clients. We also have chandeliers, wall sconces, and outdoor fixtures, along with designer table and floor lamps.

Q. Who is your customer?

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A. Our clients are to the point in their lives where they are able to focus on themselves, their style, and how they will live in the home they created. Our designers are interested in working with what you have while also helping you invest in pieces you will enjoy for years to come. (Our design services are complimentary.)

Q. What are two trends we should look for this spring?

A. Mixed Metals: Platinum, gold, copper, steel—as long as they’ve got metallic sheen, they go together. It’s bling like you’ve never seen before. While gold is not a brand-new trend, there are a lot of people who are still trying to get used to the idea of using it again in decorating. Texture: This was really big at market, including lots of faux fur—especially white fur. We saw it used on chairs and ottomans. It’s so cozy and comfortable to relax in. We also are seeing chunky textures such as heavy knits and crocheted pillows and throws.

Q. If you could only redo one room in the house, what would it be? 

A. It would have to be the place where family gathers. I have always advised clients on a limited budget to spend it in the one room where you will spend time together. Young couples will often spread out their purchases from room to room and never finish one space. This makes their home seem sparse, cold,  and uninviting.

Q. The store really IS incredible. How else are you using this space?  

A. We have started offering the showroom for special events on Thursday evenings. (We stay open later on Thursdays.) We’ve had book signings, women’s groups, informal business presentations, decorating 101 classes, and tutorials on how to change the fabric on a dining room chair. Our customer’s imagination is the only limit.

Urban Home Market showcases furnishings and accessories in 17, 000 square feet of retail space.

Design Tips

PAY ATTENTION TO THE DETAILS A few well-thought-out architectural details or accessories can turn a bland room into a grand room. 

DON'T TIP THE SCALE Nothing makes a big space look out of scale more than a room full of tiny furnishings and accessories. For large walls, try grouping a collection of nicely framed art and a statement mirror. Remember to keep accessories focused and in proportion to the size of the room. Always group collections. A lot of small things scattered around can quickly become clutter rather than points of interest.

LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE The right (or wrong) lighting can instantly change the mood of a space. Ideally, a room should have at least three sources of lighting: natural, ambient, and task or accent lighting to add interest. 

MIX IT UP A blend of eclectic furnishings and accessories makes a space look lived in. When using a palette of creams and grays, it is important to use a few pops of color.

Urban Home Market • 1001 Doug Baker Boulevard, Suite 101 205.980.4663 

Interview by Christiana Roussel • Photos by Art Meripol

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