The Bryant House





The satinwood-banded dining table and gilded dining chairs create a sense of luxury as the centerpiece of the room.
Castle Creations • Robin McCorquodale • 5th Avenue Antiques • 205.320.0500 • 205.970.8863




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2. BREAKFAST ROOM (above, left)

The chandelier makes for a beautiful focal point in the breakfast room and contrasts nicely with Kendall Charcoal (Benjamin Moore) walls. Distressed wood furniture reflects the comfort of the room while accessories maintain elegance in the space.
E Homewood Interiors • Barbara Williams, Christopher Rankin, and Christopher Magidson • 205.783.1350 •

3. ENTRY (above, right)

A simple yet artistic grouping in the foyer is poised on a stairwell.
Jay Howton & Associates • 205.966.3938


4. GARDEN ROOM (above, left)

Blown-glass flower sculptures above the windows add pops of unexpected color. The crystal chandelier brings a touch of glamour to the room.
Scandinavian Design Gallery • Theresa J. Thornton 205.985.4507

5. MASTER BEDROOM (above, right)

Neutral walls and flooring allow color to play out in furniture and accessories. A bold purple hue in the bedframe and shades of green in the pillows add liveliness while also accentuating the dramatic painting.
Mantooth Interiors • Lynette Mantooth • 205.879.5474 • The Curtain Exchange • Lynette Mantooth, Ansley Turncliff, Caroline Hutchinson, Lori Jack, Brenda Hillman, Lynn Rush 205.871.7575







Moss placemats and coastal-themed dinnerware create a sense of relaxation and escape.

Kathy’s Kreations • Kathy Neighbors • 205.663.3854






7. & 8. FAMILY ROOM (above)

A natural color palette lightens up the sophisticated family room, making it a welcoming space for guests. A mixture of casual and formal textures in the furniture and accessories keeps the room both beautiful and liveable.
Birmingham Wholesale Furniture • 205.322.1687


Accents of blue unify furniture pieces in the spacious porch. Floor-to-ceiling curtains allow for privacy without hindering the elegance of this Southern staple.
Summer Classics Home • James Allen Westbrook • 205.620.6660


10. FORMAL LIVING ROOM (above, left)

A combination of velvet and silk brings a softness to the formal pieces in this space. The small tray table serves as a coffee table, in keeping with the more delicate appeal of the room.
Castle Creations • Robin McCorquodale • 5th Avenue Antiques • 205.320.0500 • 205.970.8863

11. FAMILY PORCH (above, right)

Fashionable, functional seating perfectly suits this family gathering spot. Unique side tables and a bold rug add an element of whimsy to the space that seems to draw guests in for lively get-togethers, while deep-seated cushions and comfortable throw pillows suggest quiet afternoons for napping and reading.
Blackjack Gardens Frances Gorrie • 205.836.2933


Entry: Summer Classics Home, 205.620.6660 | Foyer and Stairwell: Jay Howton Associates: Donald Jay Howton, 205.966.3938 | Formal Dining Room: Castle Creations: Robin McCorquodale 5th Avenue Antiques, 205.320.0500 | Breakfast Room: E Homewood Interiors, 205.783.1350 | Kitchen: Kathy’s Kreations, 205.663.3854 | Kitchen Porch: Blackjack Gardens: Frances Gorrie, 205.836.2933 | Garden Room: Scandinavian Design Gallery: Theresa J. Thorton, 205.985.4507 | Family Room: Birmingham Wholesale Furniture 205.322.1687 | Library: Bill Aroosian Designs: Bill Aroosian, 205.835.8471 | Formal Living Room: Castle Creations: Robin McCorquodale, 5th Avenue Antiques 205.320.0500 | Landing: Donald Jay Howton & Associates, Jay Howton & Associates 205.966.3938 | Master Bath: Baker Lamps & Linens, 205.981.3330 | Master Bedroom: Mantooth Interiors/ The Curtain Exchange, 205.879.5474 | Master Porch: Summer Classics Home, 205.620.6660 | Bed & Bath 1: G&G Interior Designs: Ramona Griffin, 205.243.4344 | Bed & Bath 2: Umphrey Interiors: Perry Umphrey, 205.422.6969 | Bedroom 3: Virginia College, 205.802.1581 | Bedroom 4: Lynne Coker Interiors, 205.999.9046 | Third Floor Bath: Umphrey Interiors: Perry Umphrey, 205.422.6969

Produced by Rachel Moore • Photography by Jean Allsopp and Lindsay Allen

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