Twin Tips: A Home for the holidays


Is your home ready for the holidays? There are many space and design considerations at the beginning of the holiday season that simply aren’t an issue during the rest of the calendar year. Whether you are building or renovating, we want to help you think ahead for holiday decorating and entertaining.

Where will the tree go?
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree, how lovely are your branches!  Whether it’s a great room with a big window or a study off to the side of a living area, plan a big enough space to view your family tree from many vantage points. Think about your present-opening traditions and make space available to carry those out with ease. Also, during construction, remember to make a grand entrance.  An arched entryway makes a perfect natural frame around your family Christmas tree. 

Is there room to host?
When building or renovating, consider your hosting commitments and goals.  How many people will you host for each event? Is your living area open enough for everyone to feel comfy and cozy? Open floor plans are the best for entertaining. And don’t forget the food! A side butler’s pantry and/or bar area will eliminate clutter on the serving table and redirect traffic to a less congested area. 

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Do you have enough storage for decorations?
Pulling out your decorations is not too bad, but we all dread the week after Christmas when we are shoving everything back up into the pull-down attic. To eliminate some of that frustration, create a walk-in storage area that will be perfect for those holiday boxes. These are good things to think about, especially during the framing phase of construction. Look for spaces that are not being used to create that extra storage we all need. It can be as simple as just adding a door in a room or hallway.

What about lighting and electrical?
No one likes the extension cords running across the floor or front porches, so be strategic with your plug placement. Put an outlet on the side of your mantel so you can light your garland. If it’s hidden on the side and installed high, you will avoid seeing that dreadful green cord. Put an outlet on your front porch to enjoy holiday lights, but make sure it’s well hidden so it’s not the first thing you see the other 11 months of the year! Another great designer tip is to consider dimmers. Mood lighting is great during the holidays and any time of year. Dining rooms, family rooms, sconce lights, island pendant lights, and porch lights are some of our designer’s favorite places to install dimmers. 

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