Twin Tips: Character Building

How do you bring charm to a newly constructed or remodeled home? “It’s all in the details, ” says William Siegel, co-owner of Twin Construction Inc. It may cost a little more money and sweat equity on the front end, but architectural accents make the difference between a house and a forever home.

Where to begin? When planning construction, be sure to review both the exterior and interior finishes of your home. What’s the “wow” factor of the construction project?  Where can you add character? Write down the finishes that are most important to you, and then budget accordingly.    

The following are a few simple ways to quickly transform a bland house into a charming home: 

What do your eaves bring to the table? Are they straight and boring? Or do they have a little curve or pop of color? This little accent can change the entire look of your exterior in a big way.

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Natural light is king and therefore crucial to any successful project. Unfortunately, windows are often compromised during the planning phase due to budget cuts. Be sure you have enough natural light to illuminate charming details. It may be worth a budget stretch.

Just a few exposed beams can have a big impact in any room. Look for antique or salvaged wood, or apply a great finish. Wooden beams (and wainscotting) can add instant history and patina to new construction.

Neutral tones are great, but don’t hesitate to use a little color! Painting a bedroom ceiling or accent wall (try stripes or a pattern) is an easy and inexpensive way to bring new life to a stagnant space.

Yes, wallpaper is back—in a big way. Create a custom look with fun, interesting patterns in the powder bath or playroom.

Do not overlook this detail. Whether you opt for chrome, the new trend of unlacquered brass, or tried-and-true classics such as nickel, the hardware you select sets a tone throughout the entire project. And scale and style are just as important as finishes.

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