Twin Tips: Kitchen Essentials

    A kitchen simply makes a home. It’s where we eat, live, and laugh as a family. It’s a gathering place for friends and guests. A successful kitchen remodel can dramatically increase the value of any home and completely change the way a family interacts with each other.

    What makes a successful kitchen remodel? William Siegel, co-owner of Twin Construction Companies, Inc., believes that every successful kitchen requires the following: 

    A focal point with a thoughtful line of sight: What do you see when you first enter the space? Is it a beautiful picture window, an amazing island, or an ice dispenser? This matters. Determine your focal point at the beginning of the project when drafting plans. It will guide the rest of the design.

    Light, light, and more light: Does the kitchen have enough natural light?  Could you sacrifice a set of cabinets to create a larger window?  Light is key to any space, especially in a kitchen. Again, plan for light at the beginning of your project.

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    A functional design with circular flow: How will people enter and exit the kitchen? A kitchen with a circular flow makes all the difference to an active, entertaining family. Where will people gather? Islands are usually the best place for people to gather and a great way to help with the circular flow.  

    Cabinet placement: Before you place your cabinets, be sure your work zone (sink, fridge, range) is in place to make your kitchen functional and then build your cabinets around those. You will want to take the cabinets to the ceiling (make sure they are flush!) giving your kitchen the height that it needs to open up the space.  

    Cabinet storage solutions: Did you include a built in trash can? Deep drawers for pots? Spice rack? Utensil trays? Cabinets in the island? There are never too many storage solutions, so take advantage of the space that you do have and be smart with it.

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