Architect Bill Ingram Takes us on a Weekend Getaway

We asked architect Bill Ingram a few questions to find out what he loves about the R&R lifestyle.

What is your favorite season?

I’m a big summer person. I like all the outdoor activities available in hot weather. My favorite time of day at the lake is hard to pin down, but I would say it might be around 5 o’clock after a full day of boating and swimming.

What’s for dinner?

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I’m not a big cook, but I can assemble a meal and work a grill reasonably well. Dinner is probably our favorite meal. We like to cook at home and eat outside at a long table under an iron candelabra. Sometimes we’ll head to SpringHouse Restaurant, where my favorite dish is the roast chicken with summer vegetables. Or we may take a casual boat ride to the grill at Willow Point.


Must Haves?

A water view, a wood house, a mahogany boat, classic swim trunks, a screened porch, flake ice, Maker’s Mark and water, friends who bring food, music, and dancing.

“I think my houses evoke a certain nostalgia without being overly sentimental. A house with permanence brings about a comfort associated with past innocence, but it is really more fun being an adult!”

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