Q&A with Kelly Seibels of Seibels Cottage

We sit down with Kelly Seibels, of Seibels Cottage, whose team designed the guest cottage of the 2019 Inspiration Home.

Tell us a little about the space you are designing for the 2019 Inspiration Home and from where you are drawing inspiration.
Seibels was tasked with laying out the upstairs guest cottage, as a casual living, sleeping area, perfect for a guest family with kids to stay for a weekend or a group of teenagers to hang separately. We designed all new pieces built in our shop, just for Haven and it’s architectural concept. It’s fun, comfortable, and inviting…just the way we like it! We strive to make our spaces admirable yet functional with two twin beds, a daybed, a centerpiece for floor lounging, lots of pillows and a desk for reading or getting work done while relaxing with a lake view. This space even has a kitchenette and a dining table for a quick lunch in-between boat rides! We kept it fun by adding color through accents and pillows that can be thrown on the floor and still put to use! The rest of the house may be more formal, whereas this room you can’t mess up! All adults, kids, teenagers and dogs welcome!

Do you have a favorite finish or design detail that you like to incorporate in your work that we can expect to see here?
The rug we chose for this space is from Annie Selke, and is one of their brand new items! We love Dash and Albert rugs, and pride ourselves with a great display and wonderful options allowing clients and designers to check them out and see them in their space before purchasing. We believe it to be some of the best rugs on the market, and use them in most projects we do, as they have something for everyone!

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IG accounts you follow?
@sugarcanejane, @thelakesidelife_smithlake, @relyfhealth and @backfortybeer, just to name a few

What kinds of things can we expect to find in your shop?
In our shop you’ll find everything from our popular Swinging Beds, Bunk beds and an array of custom built pieces, to casual sofas and swivel chairs. You can always find great gifts customized for the area lakes, the beach or mountains. Our designers are always here to help lay out your special place, from upholstery lines to lighting, linens and accessories. Most of all, we want you to relax and enjoy the experience. We hope you feel like you’re at the lake or mountains overtime you come through the door, and if not we hope you are inspired to be there! Bring the kids, bring the dog, and get a free cold drink and popcorn grown and harvested in Mississippi.

Aside from your own store, where do you shop locally for your own retail therapy?
At Home, Three Sheets, Marks Outdoors, Caliber and Orvis

Learn more about Seibels Cottage by visiting their website here.

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