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In the hands of designer Kat Bailey, a 1920s Homewood bungalow morphs into a lively and unique family home where every room has a story to tell.

The classic Craftsman-style bungalow exudes charm with custom chert rock columns and restored windows, while an expanded front porch encourages neighbors to drop by for a visit. The Baileys added the second story and expanded the width of the front porch.
Photography by Jean Allsopp
Photo Styling by Virginia Volman

Long-time Homewood residents Clark and Kat Bailey were not looking to move, but when good friends and residential designers Jama and Geoffrey Ketcham decided to put their quaint bungalow up for sale, the large flat front yard on the property proved irresistible. With four active boys, Kat, an interior designer, envisioned neighborhood fun with football games in the front, soccer games in back, and friends gathering on a large front porch for socializing and watching the kids at play.

Despite the tight space inside and the small-scale porch, Kat saw the home’s inherent potential and knew it could be expanded to suit her family of six, especially since the Ketchams had already completed some appealing renovations during their tenure. She drew the plans and collaborated with the Ketchams on creating more space by adding a second story for the boys’ rooms, as well as making smart architectural decisions using as many original materials as possible to keep the historical character.

While many large families would seek out a modern, open floor plan, Kat is an old soul. “I love historic houses with multiple cozy rooms. There are so many spots for us to be together yet places for you to find a quiet corner to read or work,” she says. For instance, the bookcases were designed to accommodate two built-in desk spaces (homework stations for the boys), and one of the family’s favorite gathering spots is the dining room. There, a Gabby table is met with midcentury modern chairs from The Nest. “This has become our hangout room,” Kat says. “When we first moved in, we would find ourselves pulling in more chairs when friends came over. Finally, we just added the sofa and wing chairs so everyone can continue the conversation after a meal.”

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And there are plenty of conversation starters. Artwork in the dining room and pieces around the house are prompts for family member and curious guests. “We all interpret the pieces in our own way,” Kat says. “Everyone sees something different in the abstracts, and we like to consider the personalities in the portraits. I think the man in the blue painting in the living room has a bit of a condescending attitude,” she laughs.

Plants are front and center in every room, including the dining room. “A room is not complete without house plants in varying sizes; they breathe new life into a space, and the year-round green is always refreshing,”Kat says.
Kat contrasts antique pieces such as this spindle arm chair and gilded French mirror with contemporary art. “Some people would frame the art, but I like the added texture of the exposed canvas,” she says.

Saturated paint colors such as “Caviar” from Sherwin-Williams set off her art and assorted pieces. It’s an engaging collection of special and surprising finds with a blend of antiques, as well as vintage pieces with some contemporary additions in play from varied sources, many from Shoppe on Broadway, where’s Kat’s a co-owner. “I can look at a room and tell you where I got every single piece,” Kat says. “And it’s always changing. I never buy anything for a particular location because I am always moving things around. Nothing ever stays in the same spot for long.” The designer is especially drawn to items with texture, color, and age. “If something is old, it’s already had a life and has a story behind it,” she says. “Then I get to add my own story to it.”

Kat’s personal finds are complemented by narratives in pieces handed down from her own family. The weathered ceiling beams came from her father who had salvaged an old tobacco barn in Tennessee, and the Duncan Phyfe sofa in the dining room was from Clark’s grandmother. The sideboard in the living room was originally in the dining room of Kat’s childhood home.

“The rooms and collections morph,” says the designer. “Rearranging is my therapy, and it keeps things interesting.” She has created a sense of discovery at every turn with a studied attention to detail. And for guests, something new is sure to captivate and engage the eye on each visit.

Shoppe on Broadway is…

…a creative collaboration between four like-minded friends. What started as an interior design studio for Kat Bailey turned into a nook of a shop in Edgewood that brims with antique and vintage finds. It’s a space so full that the offerings often spill out onto the sidewalk—and, the business partners have warehouses for larger pieces and incoming goods. Each creative brings their own sense of style to the space, melding as one well-curated spot for treasure hunters. “This isn’t our full time job,” says Kat who is also an interior designer and fitness instructor. “This is a hobby for all of us.”

Jonathan Lambert of Triton Stone contributes true antiques, Chinoiserie, art, and ginger jars to Shoppe’s wares. “When Jonathan is out hunting for items, he has the ability to look at a sea of objects and find the pieces that are truly valuable,” Kat says.

Interior designer Virginia Volman brings her lively, colorful, and eclectic items to the mix. Think vintage chairs covered in hot pink velvet, perfectly polished silver and silverplate, and an array of contemporary art.

Don’t miss Hannah Johnson’s walk-in closet, racks, and tabletops filled vintage clothes and costume jewelry. She offers statement pieces perfect for casual wear or evenings out. “One of her most popular items is her vintage furs,” Kat says.

Shoppe on Broadway
111 Broadway Street, Homewood, AL
Open Wednesday – Sunday or by appointment.
Call or check IG or FB for hours. or @shoppeonbroadway

Kat Bailey
Jonathan Lambert
Virginia Volman
Hannah Johnson

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