Julie Gillis


Raising the Standard

The unused attic space in Kim West’s home covered the whole left side of the second floor and seemed to be longing for an occupation. So interior designer...

The Beauty of Simplicity

“There was one thing I kept hearing from her again and again, ” explains designer Liz Woods of her Mountain Brook client. “She would say, ‘Keep it neutral;...

Landscape Artistry in Tuscaloosa

“For the most part, they left me a blank canvas, ” says Birmingham landscape architect David Brush of his Tuscaloosa clients. “Their primary request was that the...

A Twist of Fate

“We were not even looking to move, ” Vicki Brannon says. “In fact, we had just finished building our ‘perfect’ house, and our plan was to...

Seasonal Complements

When Independent Presbyterian Church invited pat hiden to be a part of its annual Holiday House Tour, it was only natural that she turned to longtime friend...

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