Christiana Roussel


Wonder Women

Meet five women with very different passions who are making a difference in the lives of those around them.

Visions of Sugarplums

It’s hard not to feel like a kid again when you enter Kathleen and David Roth’s home at Christmastime. Each room’s décor is as special as the others but with a unique spin on the season.

Maker’s Mark

Long before the State of Alabama declared 2016 as The Year of the Maker, creativity has been pouring forth from our home. The rest of the country has already discovered our beloved designers Billy Reid and Natalie Chanin. But look in our own backyard and you’ll find the next generation of makers in a smartly renovated Avondale warehouse.

7 Reasons to Live in Downtown Birmingham

Everyone from empty-nesters to families with young kids are finding out why living in zip code 35203 might be the best place in town.

Food & Wine

The Birmingham restaurant scene has been hot for more than 30 years and has only been getting hotter. On any given night, you can go out for a...

Showroom Style: Urban Home Market

   Q. What types of furnishings do you offer? A. We carry affordable home furnishings and accessories that offer a unique blend of modern, antique, and...

Fixtures & Finishes

Q. You have been with Kenny & Co. for years; it has always been such a respected name in town for being a real niche in plumbing, tile,...

Neighborhood Profile: Vestavia Hills

Relatively young for a city of its size, Vestavia Hills still boasts the hallmarks of a desirable city: a bold vision for city growth, a world-class library,...

The Caterers

Time was, the word ‘catering’ conjured up visions of sterno-powered chafing dishes and mounds of fussy white linen tablecloths. Large events might have meant bland food of the...

Hello Homewood!

Visiting the statue of Vulcan is the best way to see Birmingham, but positioning oneself right under his derriere is the finest way to admire all of the...

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