Cara Clark


Family Matters

Onwards and upwards could well have been the motto for a renovation that made a beloved home more family-friendly. Adding a floor and creating a combined kitchen and living space allow the owners to live in every square inch.

Classical Reflections

Landscape architect David Brush extends the refined style of this Tuscaloosa home to the outdoors.

Out of the Ordinary

Blending the vibrant and serene with a touch of the exotic creates an unexpected tableau in a quiet Mountain Brook neighborhood.

Design Affections

A sense of kinship brings together designer and homeowner to give this home a contemporary edge.

Living Legacy

Using her artistic talents, this painter-turned-gardener creates a new kind of masterpiece with a profusion of blooms.

Living Large

Small spaces take on grand scale with clever styling that perfectly fits a growing family.

Beyond the Gate

ABOVE Club Place, a gated neighborhood in Mountain Brook, is surrounded by weathered brick walls. While the walls created wonderful parameters for the garden, they...

Sunny Delight

The casual passersby of Martha and Robert Haley’s Crestline home see a traditional white exterior that perfectly fits in with its charming neighborhood. Inside, however, a vivid...

Family Adventure

It’s all too easy to travel the beaten path, but a more adventurous route paves the way for others to follow—an approach favored by Vestavia homeowner Emily Huntley...

Piquantly Poolside

FOR THE GOURMET, a bland dish needs new flavor to imbue it with verve. For the architect, the same rule applies to a nondescript structure. Architect...

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